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  1. I have a question on the jettison stores setup.  Certainly I see the stl files contain the 4 parts.  However I don't see the button that would fit inside the outer switch body (not that I can't cad a disk) or honestly how it would work.  I'm sure its my ignorance shining through.


    Any feedback?

  2. JSelf I just want to thank you for your hard work.  This is rather exceptional and I'm looking forward to completing the pit with your creations.


    Just got the landing gear switch printed and assembled (minus the micro switch, its in the mail).

    Going to cut the hole in the panel this afternoon.

    Your the kind of guy that keeps this hobby going.


    F18 Gear Switch.jpg

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  3. I purchased a Reverb G2.


    The resolution is not as good in the Pimax, it is a generation older.  I honestly love the FOV but its a trade with res.  I know I miss the peripheral abilities of the Pimax when using the Reverb and to be honest, I'm not that impressed with the sweet spot of the G2. I don't consider the Reverb a step up in overall immersion, more a lateral move.

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  4. I have been successfully performing AAR for a number of years now and I rather enjoy having / maintaining the skill to do so. Having said that, given an auto function could easily be made selectable for servers I encourage the implementation. It can only further the reach of DCS to people which in the end makes more maps, more aircraft, and more fun for me.

  5. True, but you also can't do anything else while you are accelerating the time IIRC, so then you have to wait until startup is finished. Look, there are excuses both ways of why it can/would or can't/won't. You are not wrong in what you are saying, but you are also only worried about yourself in the grand scale, as we all are really. Nothing wrong with that at all, we have all spent our own money and would prefer to play this thing our way. They should simply figure out a way to reach both sides equally. Removing the Hot/Cold start option from the ME and placing it in the mission itself when you sit in the pit would be a great way to make both sides happy I think. But then again, what does that do for mission/campaign creators trying to run accurate timed sections of missions?


    You are correct.


    He will continue to argue.


    Don't waste your time.

  6. The creator is either being lazy or just being pragmatic about the fact that DCS has become full of “gamers” who don’t really want a simulation.


    I’m sure about 90% of DCS gamers can’t start the aircraft or do anything besides fly it into the ground and gawk at the graphics or whatever.


    You could be correct, however it doesn't change the reality of your having little to no control over it and it being very unlikely to change.


    I like the manual start myself, it helps me get into the mood, but I won't complain about a person spending countless hours to build me a mission or set of mission to fly. Again, you can let the free market work itself out, if you don't like the product, don't buy it.

  7. If I was selling campaigns i'd try and please as many buyers as possible. Wouldn't you?


    I'd say jmarso's post sums it up about as good as you can get it. Beyond that, it could be the creator prefers one way to the other. Again, vet the product and choose to support or not. The free market will take care of the rest.

  8. If I wanted to edit a campaign that I paid for i'd just build the campaign and save to money. If you're going to charge money you should try and please the customer.


    It also applies to ED who made the missions the planes come with. We pay for those.


    You have the choice to pay or not. If your not going to be happy with the product, don't buy it. You can easily ask if it has your required options.

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