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  1. Thanks brewber, Are you using the default aspect ratio 1.3?
  2. I'm curious about this too. What resolution do you have LOMAC set at right now Brewber?
  3. Good job! Thanks for posting the links.
  4. Is this setting for High Visibility in your graphics.cfg? I opened that file and saw settings for LOW MEDIUM HIGH. Where should I insert these settings?
  5. Program2

    Aussie Skins

    Talk about detail. Very nice!
  6. Can't expect much from a demo. Just buy the game you won't be disappointed.
  7. System spec: CPU: AMD 2000xp Vid Card: GF4 Ti4200 Mem: 2 gigs OS: WinXP Yes it gets choppy (specially when there's a lot of people in the server) but I'd rather have some eyecandy and sacrifice some framerate. I just don't display the framerate counter on the screen so I don't get reminded on how crappy my system is :D . I just adapt and have fun!
  8. Heh actually it's not that bad. What surprises me is when people complain about framerate even with higher end computers. I guess I'll wait 5 more years to upgrade :D . Maybe by then the CPUs will be able to handle Lock On better.
  9. Not sure about the demo but bad graphics? I think the graphics in this sim is great even at medium setting. What kind of computer do you have? My computer is similar to Aeroscout's. Crap :lol:
  10. When did this patch come out? Should I install this over 1.12a?
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