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  1. There are still only 4(3 now) Su-35s? I thought they were already in production and that a few of them were on active duty.
  2. Not sure about the music, but it would be really cool to play with one of those for a while.
  3. Any chance you have a higher res version of that for a wallpaper?
  4. Hopefully Congress will gets its way and more will be built.
  5. As I understood it, the electronics and computers on newer fighters made them easier to maintain and service, not harder.
  6. Again, if it is an anti radiation missile, how would it be at all effective against an F-22? Even if you somehow detect the Raptor at range, this missile is not going to be able to track it unless the Raptor is radiating enough for the K-100 to see.
  7. How would that missile be effective against F-22's? Its basically an air to air ARM right? That would make it a good weapon to use against AWACS, but since F-22's are not constantly radiating and when they are their radars are supposedly difficult to detect, wouldn't that make this missile practically useless?
  8. This might be a dumb question, but aren't B-2's usually parked somewhere where they are protected from the elements?
  9. I think those are called F-22's and F-35's.
  10. Is he comparing the -MKI to just a default F-15C or one of the upgraded ones with AESA?
  11. O Noes! The plasma stealth PESA equipped Su-35's are going to shoot down all of our non maneuvering F-15's because they aren't F-22's!! And then they are going to make a bunch of uber fighters that are light years more advanced than anything the US has! Sounds more like a USAF made vid asking for more Raptors than something an Aussie think tank came up with.
  12. I'm pretty sure that the F-35 has 3 weapon bays just like the Raptor, so 2 Sidewinders plus 6(?) AIM-120s. Edit: No I guess not: http://www.airforceworld.com/fighter/gfx/jsf/f35_payload.jpg Just two bays, but it looks like 8 missiles.
  13. -http://www.kommersant.com/p-12426/Video_drone_forgery/ Is that true? Most of the videos on youtube show AAMs leaving some kind of contrail.
  14. Why did the plane blow up like that? People have posted pics of other planes that land wheels up and they didn't fireball like that. I mean, it didn't look like it hit that hard to me.
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