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  1. It worked great, thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks, I'll try that tonight!
  3. I've used snap view for a while, however, when I load missions now they don't appear correctly. Numpad 4 & 6 used to L/R MFD's with 1,2 & 3 being radios and CDU displays. Now 1 & 2 are R/L MFD's and I can't get any views of CDU or radios. Any ideas I can't think what I've done but I've tried various missions and its always the same. Thanks,
  4. Thanks for the info that helps a lot! Worther
  5. Hi guys, I've searched this forum but not found any answers to my issue. I've got the Steam DCS World program with the Steam A10C plug in. All works fine. Just set up Track IR4 (waiting for vector expansion to use v5 software) and although the tracking works ok (ish) in game the Track IR software doesn't detect I'm running A10C even in windowed mode. Any ideas? I should be able to upgrade to v5 tomorrow, will this cure this issue, or is it a Steam related issue? Thanks in advance! Worther
  6. Thanks for this post, I was about to ask the same question....I'll try the missions listed first as well as 'simple missions' I've created in the mission editor...online seems a bit daunting to me right now.
  7. Complete newbie using Win8 and loving it!
  8. Thanks to all for the rapid replies....I'll try the 'mouse look' feature when I get chance (my twins are 4 years old tomorrow so it's busy here!). As for head tracking I did have TrackIR3...kind of liked it but felt I had to move my head too much relative to the monitor...I still have the 'camera' but can't find the head tracking clip (baseball cap type). Is it worth buying a Track clip (£15 online) or saving for TrackIR5? I'm on a limited budget so thanks for advice about getting head tracking sorted before 'posh' joystick. I'm really enjoying the SU25T at the moment, when I get time, it's just the right difficulty for me right now..I'm hoping to grow into A10C! Thanks again!
  9. Newbie Help Required Hi all, I'm new to DCS world and flight sims in general. I have been flying the SU25T mostly, although I have purchased the A10C content I'm finding it a bit hard going. The issue I'd like to resolve in A10C is regarding cockpit views. I don't currently have Track IR and find viewing the cockpit tricky...the 'mouse look' feature of SU25T is much better suited to me. I know this (SU25T) doesn't have a clickable cockpit, but, is it possible to use the mouse for cockpit viewing in the A10C? I have Saitek Cyborg Evo Force joystick and like to use the 'hat' for TDC slewing. Any advice or recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Worther
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