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  1. I looked for one but didn't find any. A pity that there's a such a functionality without a couple of paragraphs in the manual .Following the AoA figure is already interesting though for a newbie like me (well not exactly a newbie, I flew the Lotus simulations Albatros a lot in FSX and P3D !)
  2. Thank you. Any tutotial out there to interpret the recordings as I don't find much in the manual ?
  3. Not a good surprise. The subtitles are difficult to read for me. On the other hand, the manual is quite good so I am learning only with it and leave aside the training modules. The product page says Kursant vocieover is in English. I hope it is the case ! Dominique
  4. Hi The watch track function shows lots of colored lines like in an ECG :) ! Can't find anything in the L-39 or DCS manual telling what they are. Is there some kind of explanation somewhere ? Thanks Dominique
  5. Hi everybody I am not familiar with the sim. The L-39 training modules are in Russian. I activated the subtitles which are difficult to read for me. Is there a way to switch to an Englsih speaking coach ? Can't find an option . Thanks Dominique Sorry I see that there is already a thread on the matter !
  6. Piece of cake :yes: ! Does it make any sense to keep the old DCS A10C now that I have the module in the mods/aircraft folder of DCS World ? Does it need it for some mysterious reasons ? thanks and enjoy Xmas you all
  7. goodie... your help is appreciated. I've version 1111
  8. You mean I've to buy another A10C or upgrade the old one ? Free?
  9. Ok, thanks again. The DCS-W install will recognize the A10C older install ? I dont have to erase the A10 only to put it back once World is in ?
  10. I've just dust off my copy of the DCS A10C for a new Haswell computer and I wonder whether DCS World would bring anything I do not get with the A10 default scenery/missions (except the free Su25 which is not a priority for me). Before engaging a long download and a hefty install, can any of you guys shed some light on the subject ? thanks Dominique
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