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  1. Hi there, just wanted to share the current 2 videos out yet with you. The trailer: http://www.patrouille-suisse.net/images/stories/videos/bande_annonce_psv_640.wmv and a short version of the new video: http://www.patrouille-suisse.net/images/stories/videos/entrainement13juin2007.wmv Enjoy :)
  2. Hi guys, long delay and forgot this forum... shame on me :music_whistling: So here we go, this is my first time so apologize for the mistakes or not so nice video as I'm really not used to do that. http://goodies.escapade.ch/videos/vfat_divx.divx Enjoy
  3. Looks really nice Guys, Didn't had the opportunity to see it till the end, but looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Could you please activate this download as well: TXNOU4GKDFDPMFYVSF Thanks for your support.
  5. 1. Name (+website): Patrouille Suisse Virtuelle 2. Number of aircraft & type: 6 SU-27 3. Estimated airtime: ~40 Mins 4. Mods/skin required: PSV skin 5. Contact person + email: Manu manu[at]patrouille-suisse[dot]net 6. Country & Timezone (+/-GMT): Switzerland GMT+1
  6. Hi Guys, we were really happy to be part of that event even if we are only a 6 months old team as you could see in our demo. Sorry about that :music_whistling: Now I just wanted to share a video made out of the voice and the display of the Thunderbirds. It's not perfect. It was the first time I did that kind of stuff and I missed a few interesting views. I even discovered a few keys to change view :D Anyway here we go for a 500 Meg video of the thunderbirds. http://goodies.escapade.ch/videos/thunderbirds_LO_VFAT2006.divx Enjoy and hope to see you next year
  7. If you can generate a streaming but nobody can connect to it could you send the streaming to the streaming server ?
  8. so the outcome of it is that the server side works fine no prob, we need a soft that streams the video out to the streaming server via udp or rtp. Somebody any experience in that ?
  9. @JaBoG32_Laud Do you have everything to produce the stream meaning the possibility to send your stream to a streaming server ? If yes we can perhaps find a way to do it easily. Manuel
  10. Guys, perhaps I can help here but if you could express your needs/problems for the streaming, it could help to find the appropriate answer. If you don't want to explain this here send me a personal email so we can try to solve this out. Manuel PSV Team
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