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  1. Hi, My brother is reporting problems with online playing. He says that cannot play on Hyperlobby servers at all. Framerate is somewhere in single digits. He has even tried empty servers where he is alone - same thing. BF2, BF2142 and Red orchestra work perfectly on line (good fps, no lag). With IL2 he experiences very little constant lagging on Hyperlobby servers but nothing like with Lock on. IL2 is still playable. When he was hosting and I connected directly to his ip though Lock on we played with no lagging at all. We also tried playing through UBI where he hosted a IL2 server and we played that. Almost unnoticeable lagging but very playable. His details: 1. AMD64 X2 4200+, 2GB RAM, SATA drive, GF7900GT 256, Win XP Home 2. 2Mbps/512kbps ASDL 3. FC 1.12a 4. Hyperlobby newest 3.9 something Any ideas?
  2. Good suggestions. Please keep this thread a positive tone wish list. Simple things to do for the existing ME - not something that need a complete rewrite as that obviously is not a possibility. IMO the ME is not bad, it just needs some of the refinements mentioned here added or modded to make it easier to use.
  3. Its this one: http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=81802 It doesn't have a PSU as standard so I plan for this one: Antec Neo HE 500. While investigating the OS compatibility I found this interesting thread: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=60416 So, to enable Core 2 Duo support (or AMD x2) in XP some action is needed, atleast in most cases if the OS is installed by vendor from an image. Its a notebook forum but this also applies to desktops.
  4. As my budget is only about 1200-1400€ (around $1500) this is the setup I plan to go with before christmas: Core Duo E6400 Zalman CNPS8000 cooler Asus P5B DELUXE mb Kingston HyperX 2GB DDR2 DIMM 800MHZ (or 2x1GB, almost same price) Seagate Barracuda10 320GB 7200RPM 8MB SATA-2 Geforce 7950GT 256-BIT 512MB DDR3 PCI-E Antec box + Antec 500W PSU + other relevant stuff Should oc quite nicely and will kick my old P4 2.4GHz setups a.s! ;) BTW. will XP Home support the Core Duo processor or do I need XP Pro?
  5. As the BS developement is now current, I would like to represent few wishes of matters which no doubt have been discussed here many times. This time for the Mission editor, IMO these would really improve mission building: 1. If/then: action -> reaction 2. follow a valley/canyon - function (like tanks follow roads ac could follow canyons without 200 waypoints) 3. copy/paste objects (click on object, copy, click somewhere else, paste) 4. duplicate (lets duplicate this flight/vehicle unit but just change time and/or position) 4. assemble + save vehicle groups/columns (so you don't have to redo every one of them from zero, they could be used in many missions/campaigns) 5. input static objects in groups instead 1 at the time. Just like operational vehicles, input number wanted. 6. unarmed aircraft: ask player in Designer if he really wants them to be saved unarmed. Also redefine the rules why program strips the ac of arms in designer. Maybe only when mission type changes and even then with a notice. Hmmm...in ac list there might be a flag to indicate which flights include unarmed ac. Only been doing Lomac-missions for few days, but these I am missing already. Thanks! :)
  6. Great shot, I would like to see the lense used for that shot. The moon is huge!
  7. True but atleast they don't knock down everything in 50km radius like the SAMs seem to do. Too bad the map is so small and SAMs so powerfull and their detection range non adjustable. Thinking of playability here instead of realism. And anyway, as a army reserve tank buster those Igla sticks look ridiculous compared to our manly big thingies ;)
  8. Great! :) But, actually i don't remember. Haven't played jet sims seriously since Falcon 3 and 4 many years back. Prop fighter sims are my forté. Started playing F4 again some time a ago and while searching for videos in Youtube a tripped over Lomac stuff and was blown away by the graphics. Never even heard of Lomac before that. Made sure its not an arcade and bought the Gold edition asap and enjoying every moment. Most of the old F3/F4 experience and knowledge makes the learning curve easier. Of course there is some issues everybody have posted about for 100 times but its pretty good now. All updates ED can make will make it just better. Maybe it will have the staying power of F4 and it will be around for 10 years!
  9. I wasn't at all interested in BS and could not care less of its release date. But after reading this thread: if there is any chance that BS will include (not only helo related) upgrades or other refinements to the Lock On then it is another matter! I still don't care about the release date, Lomac 1.12a is fun as it is but I do hope they will do as much as they can to make the game better even for us jet pilots! Even if the release date goes 3 or 6 months forward :) I wont be including a wish list, theres enough of those threads on this site ;)
  10. Thank you very much, very helpfull. I removed much of the ground battles and the mission became much lighter to run. I added many flights to make sure there is traffic during the whole 2 hours of the mission but that didn't make it any heavier, like you said only the objects existing in any given time are calculated. I also changed the escort+a2g missions per your example and they now work nicely. The SAM-sites seem so powerfull even if left unskilled I removed most of them and replaced with Igla and Stinger guys and AAA-vehicles. The carrier landings: yes, they are assigned to land to carrier but they always choose landbase. Fuel was not the issue, the planes saw no action and cruised around the carrier for awhile and then turned to land base and landed. Same happened with Su33 carrier planes. I guess I must experiment some more. A multiplayed questions: how do I make a mp mission? For example 2 person mission to play with my brother. Do I assign both planes as "client"? Or "player" for me and "client" for him? If I assign many "client" planes can we choose in the beginning who flies what and on which side, like in online servers? Thanks again, great advice! :)
  11. Hi, I yesterday tried the editor for the first time and managed to make a very satisfying war scenario with lots of action. I even got all AI A2G attacks to work perfectly. :) But, in the end it became a bit heavy for my computer so I need to make it lighter. I searched the forum and got some good ideas but I need some noobish advice on optimizing the mission. What affects the most and makes a mission heavy to compute? Number of ac and vehicles or number of waypoints? Is there a way to lessen the waypoints for AI fighter sweep missions and some other reoccuring flights like choppers circling some areas etc.? Maybe the begin loop and end loop function? How does it work? Will this lessen the load for the PC? Minimizing ac groups: If the AI group lands, is there a way to send the same group back up after refueling and rearming or do I allways need to create a new group with preset time schedule? Or even if they don't survive, can I resend the same group at later time? How do I attach a escort wing to the group I want them to escort? Can I make an second flight for the bomber group and chance the plane type and mission for them? Is this the solution? No need to make waypoints for the escorts? Any other tips on optimizing? Why do my F18 carrier group land to nearest land base instead of the carrier they took of? Thanks!
  12. Thanks zorlac, that is good advice indeed as the server is just a server it doesn't need much of screen updating at all. Best if I could just leave it to the map view, is this possible? Is it better to join the server as "spectator" or include it to coalitions and let him sit on the air field?
  13. So, if I want to run a Lomac server on a second computer I need a another copy of the game? Or can I start the game on both computers by swapping the CD from one to another? I think there is no serial number check in Lomac so that should not be a problem. I am planning to buy a new PC and dedicate the old one for game server use for some of the games I play with friends on line. What do you think, how many players can I serve without lagging while playing myself with another PC? Here is the details of my old PC and network: PC: P4 2.4GHz, 1.5GB RAM, GF6600GT 128MB, ATA133 drives, 100mbps NIC NW: 100mbps switch, ADSL 2mbps in and 512kbps out. Any opinions and advice is appreciated.
  14. Thanks guys, now I got them too. Easy with the right files. :thumbup:
  15. Sorry for noob question but how do you install the map mod to 1.12a? Loman or maybe Mod Man? Does this mod work ok with online servers? Thanks.
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