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  1. I don't know if these still work but I spent many many hours on them back in the day http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=39113 there are close to 20 most related to 2 scenarios "abkhaz war" and "switchback"complex pretty complex--many air and ground forces. would love to know if they are flyable with latest ka-50 patches/version best to all uhoh7
  2. Years since I have posted here. Have bought every ED FS thorugh blackshark--for which I made many missions but that was the last one for me. For me also flight model is really key. I loved the su-25, which was the best fixed wing FM I've ever flown--and I flew everything: falcon, IL2 from the beta, etc. So my questions: Is the su-25 in DCS world the same as Flaming cliffs? Or was it FC2 which introduced it? Can't remember. Is the FC3 A10 same as the stand alone latest A10? Is it the c--forgive me. Now are the flight models of any of the FC3 ac at the level of the frogfoot? best to all uhoh7 PS yes I have all those discs lying around somewhere, hehe Ha! I see my mission series is still up :) http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=39113
  3. Well, you could send your wingman to locate units (he can see through the trees too), mark them on the abris, and then take out what you can, and have him take out the rest. The trick is not to send him too close.
  4. Hi Kurtz, Sorry to take so long to reply, There is an option on the comms for default loadout, I think. Choose that and you will get more KH-25s. I know it can be done beacuse I was testing that mission over and over, often rearming. Hope you enjoy it,
  5. Hi Oho, In Orkivi: first take out the bridge AND the BMPS next to it, then follow waypoints up the bigger valley. If you can do that I think all triggers will fire. all the best, uhoh7
  6. also be sure you give your flight a task other than "nothing" e.g. CAS. I'm pretty sure this effects the loadouts.
  7. Hi Oho. Which mission is giving you problems? The first thing to look at is the weather. If you move to clear weather it will help. You also want to be sure your water is normal and distance is medium. Besides that, just open the mission like dusty says, hit "Units list" and find the enemy helos. Click show on map, then delete. It won't really hurt the story line--you might win easier and won't recieve some comms, but the fundamentals should be the same. One other note about the weather: the closer you are to the overcast the worse it gets, drop down and the frames should get alot better. I hope some of you guys will recount your adventures in these missions--I'd love to hear some detailed impressions of various missions (don't worry, you'll never hurt my feelings). all the best
  8. B.P2.1 is an interesting one---gave it a quick try and made it to 40% but was out of ammo, and did not have time to refuel (my winge bit it early---those strykers are not worth even going after.) The missle sucking M1A2s are one issue in the GOW, but you touch on one which is more of an issue. DCS BS really has the ability to simultate FAC, and situational comms. Wags decided not to go there. I imagine the workload was part of the issue--I have the impression he did the whole thing almost by himself. It's a shame though, since the GOW is the showcase for DCS and what it can do. It really would not be hard to add comms to the missions, but I don't think they want to take the time. ED has a huge network of testers etc and ethusiasts, yet new missions are few and far between. I don't think they realise how crucial fresh content is to this sim. Oleg had many patches in IL2 which included aircraft for no charge, along with the many tweaks. I don't expect that from ED since the aircraft are so closely modeled. But they are missing a big opportunity in not using their network to create new campaigns and provide them to users. IMHO. Such a gesture would pay for itself many times over.
  9. I doubt there is any setup that will fly the black shark better. I had my CH fighterstick plugged in at first---but the FFB2 flies so much better in this sim---well I was shocked at the difference. Also the trim really works the way it should with the FFB2.
  10. The object lesson in my mind is what has happened to Steel Fury: Karkhov 1942. You got the makings of the IL2 of tank sims there, yet now the surviving forums are barely visited. That is one sad story.
  11. Well said, sir. I think one idea in this climate would be to involve the universites, both on the programing side and the physics/flight aspect, with the promise of a share of the profits should the project suceed. Then you might be able to attract graduate students and get a bigger bang for the outlay. Security is always an issue, but that could be reduced as a risk by compartmentilsing development, so that even if code was leaked, it would only represent a part of the whole.
  12. I think this is the great myth. Think about other industries: skiing, for example. There was no demand untill ski resorts were built. With DCS you might say: hey look, a good fidelity study sim with niche market sales. It must be a niche market. On the other hand, imagine F4 with fully udapted avionics, cockpits, multiple flyables, state of the art graphics and good online performance. Such a game could sell one million copies. Or more, if you could integrate stratgey control, and ground forces. Imagine logging in and then choosing whether to fly an F16, Drive a T80U, or join a combat infantry platoon. You don't think that would sell?
  13. I could be wrong, but on the russian side, I believe you need Both fuel trucks (I could not refuel with just one) or a fuel dump. From GUI manual: ATMZ-5, ATZ-10, Transport URAL-375 OR FARP Fuel Depot for refueling. Again you will need 2 375s if you are using trucks for both rearming and refueling
  14. Well the only real signifigant market penetration so far remotely comparable to MS is Il2. I flew Il2 online beginning before the relaease, with the demo. What alot of fun. When you think about how many upgrades IL2 went through---god more FMs than I care to count, and more and more planes to fly all the time---well he was committed and he delivered. We can only hope SOW works out as well, and we get FMs on the level of EDs SU25, which still stands as the best fixed wing FM yet. I hope Oleg will step up on the avionics and make us do some more work in the cockpit with SOW. The market is there for a a good online sim with realism, graphics and variety: but what's missing is the will. I hope ED has made some money on DCS and will keep it up...for now it's a niche in a niche, with brilliant aspects and alot of leftovers from Flanker. In the end the ability to create balanced online combat with realism is what any new sim needs to really take off. The patch is sounding like a good step forward in a resonable time frame. But compared to console development, overall progress, like SOW is in slow motion--I mean the game is optimised for XP--- Maybe the A10 module can catch fire.
  15. Love to hear which area defense is getting you---give us a filename! all the best,
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