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  1. oh dear, are we gonna end like this? http://youtube.com/watch?v=QlYmO4S_Dkk (I don't understand a word, but its a rather nice animation)
  2. point 1: I switched to free external view (CTRL + F11), followed by ALT + *, which changes your zoom-speed. ALT + mouse-wheel should also work. Aeroscout already answered your second question, so i won't get into that. @ VMFA-Blaze: Thank you :) I like the idea of parking in a bunker, that's why i included this scene. Unfortunately this only works for AI planes...
  3. thanks, im glad to hear that you like it :) @ Kifaru: Nope, i didnt. fortunately the problem occured at the very end (last 3 scenes) @ The two Cat-Fans: i can't share your opinion. but i won't start an other "Which aircraft is better" discussion ;) Let's just hope that there will never be a situation which would prove that someone of us was right!! there may be more, but not at the moment. probably in a few months.
  4. hi kifaru i've had exactly the same problem. i'm sorry that i can't help you, i had to finish my movie with low scenery settings (was set on "high" though). i also tried to change the graphical settings with "ModMan", but that didn't work either. really annoying, that messed up my whole movie.. :( if someone knows how to fix that, please tell us!
  5. oh, very nice tutorial. unfortunately i saw your post too late, my movie is already finished ;) (http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=22256) thanks anyway, ill use it for the next movie (when there'll be a next one) for sure.
  6. Hi all I had nothing to do this weekend, so i decided to make my first LockOn movie, which is also my first movie at all. I hope you like it. High quality (recommended): http://jonas.irczone.ch/lofc-ar.wmv (40 MB) Low quality (youtube):
  7. Hi there I'm currently working on my first lockon movie. but i have a problem: i can't figure out how to disable the infobar (with speed, alt., time) when i'm in external view. can someone help me? thank you!
  8. i really dont know either. i thought with such a computer lockon would run smoothly, but unfortunately i was wrong. or do i have to install something else than the newest forceware? @Blaze. Highest Water Level works fine for me too, unless i don't use cloud-level 9 or 10 in the weather specs. that causes lockon to crash. its a known issue as people told me in here.
  9. 1280 x 1024 and highest detail level (exeption: water level medium, cause of the cloud-level-crash-bug)
  10. I'm really wondering how you manage this. I'm using a Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz with GeForce 8800GTX and 2GB RAM, and i have about 20 fps during normal flight. maybe my system isnt configured properly (which i dont hope). though, im using LOFC 1.12a, but the difference wont be that big i suppose.
  11. sounds very interesting, ill have a look at this vid when i am back at home. since i am Swiss i can just second that the swiss alps are great :P by the way: switzerland changed their 130 Hunters with 34 Hornets in 1993. they should support the Mirage III S and the F-5 Tiger. As far as i know there are just F/A-18s saving our skies at the moment. But the government plans to buy 250 F-22s. ... Joke ;)
  12. i laughed really hard at this one. when was the last time that the USA _saved_ the world from something?
  13. <br><br> the heat blur doesn't effect my fps. how do i change the AA levels? there is nothing in the graphic-settings, neither in graphics.cfg
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