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  1. Hey man, I had a similar scare on my laptop. First, DCS only occupied part of the screen with windows visible on the remainder, then I increased my resolution to max (native) and i couldnt see all icons and couldnt change resolution back. I accidently pressed atl-enter (forcing fullscreen) and it 'recalibrated'.
  2. ceauke

    engine start GTS

    Hi guys I was reading page 51 so many times to try understand how this works. I drew a diagram. (attached) I dont understand if the GTS has a DC motor to start the air producer, why dont you just use the DC motor to start the HP turbine?:smartass: It really seems that you're starting a turbine to start another. Is this correct? Also, what is the benefit of starting the free turbine start motor with air and not have it non, free? Is it providing some clutch mechanism? How heavy is that HP turbine to start turning? Thanks!
  3. ceauke

    Hawk not working

    http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=140791 See the sticky link above. It has all the details. My main issue was that DCS wasn't the latest version. So I had to do an UPDATE of DCS and the REPAIR as instructed in that link. So far, everybody gets it working it seems. Just check that thread
  4. Hi guys How do I know if I have the latest version of C101 installed? I see there's a list of bugs on the forum and most are solved. I presume it requires a new download. My DCS updater sees nothing. Update: I see in post 82 below, that it comes when next DCS update happens. :-) http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2302146&postcount=82
  5. Interesting PLP: I found this in google http://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/pc_21 UAE uses PC21 + HAWK and then just after the description continues "... The aircraft combines the procurement and operating costs of current-generation turboprop aircraft with a jet training capability."
  6. Answered Thanks Pman! :thumbup: Looking very much forward to all of them! :pilotfly:
  7. Hi guys I'm trying to figure out the progression of planes for the airforce training pack. Is it something like this:? Level 1: Grob tutor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grob_G_115 Level 2: Shorts Tucano https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_Tucano Level 3: Hawk (veao) / C101 (not by veao) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BAE_Systems_Hawk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CASA_C-101 So where does the pilatus PC21 fit in? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilatus_PC-21 How would you describe the progression? 1. Slow prop plane? (side-by-side seating) 2. Fast prop (stacked seating) 3. My first jet-engine :-)
  8. HA! I'll take my coat on the way out. I never had FC3 so didn't think to look in there. Thanks!
  9. Thanks Jeebus for that cool tune of SU27! I'm so tired of hearing yesteryear's cool music (I'm talking to you FINAL COUNTDOWN ) on airshows, that it's great to hear something upbeat. As a side note, why doesn't the SU27 have its own subforum?
  10. Hi I'm very happy for a DCS related podcast. The text on my F5 key is weathered as I hope for news and tidbits and refresh the forums. Any chance to put this on itunes?
  11. i meant roadmap. So i can see timing of beta releases but not when final version will be out
  12. Hi guys How can I follow updates on the beta planes? (e.g. F86) Will these modules auto-update when I run the DCS_updater.exe? Do 3rd party devs run change logs? I found the (unofficial) DCS changelog with which modules come out when, but when it says beta next to the name, it doesn't say when the final module will be released. Where can I find this out? So rather to ask in every module forum, I'd like to ask here how this works in general. As a side note, I also see people mentioning bugs about planes. Is there a bug list somewhere to avoid new guys listing stuff that "everybody knows" about?
  13. ceauke


    I wasn't 100% serious I'm the last one to insist that developers and artists follow my FANtastic ideas. This wasnt a request or a suggesion towards the developers. More of a wish that I share with the other enthusiasts. I will for sure try tonight to build this as a scenario/mission. (I added the link to the youtube. ) In the vid, the Mig is not released yet, but the author takes us around the plane and we get to drool a bit. Sounds neat for a marketing aid as well to allow a more simulated way of viewing what you can still buy and what is YOUR stuff. I dont even know how mods work but maybe someone can write some mod to create a dynamic 'hangar' or make a tarmac square the right size to park all your planes there. It doesn't HAVE to be the new main menu. Just want an area to hang out and look at all the hardware that I bought. As I said, I'll see how well the mission editor works for this. As a side note, do the mission editor vehicles have the same poly count as the models that we fly?
  14. ceauke


    Hi guys I cant fly... (YET)... but I bought a bunch of planes and want to support the developers. I saw a nice video on YT about a guy walking around the plane and looking at the features etc and it got me wondering. ( ) Can we get a HANGAR instead of a main menu for DCS? It can even be outside (even better), but allows you to walk around all the vehicles that you bought and enjoy the eyecandy. I guess when you enter the vehicle you can have the option for instant action, training etc. Maybe I can just make a scenario and place all my vehicles next to eachother. Notable examples of this type of thing in other games: - Wargame airland battle, deck view - Star citizen: Hangar module
  15. DCS: The VI of the flight simulators :) It seems like there's a keystroke combination for everything in DCS. I was hoping with the clickable cockpits that that would be a thing of the past. I used to fly arcade flightsims by justknowing key combos but with DCS it's next to impossible with the detailed models. And there's 10x more possibility with all the ALT-SHIFT-CTRL etc. So +1 for having anything that's not related to the plane or the view in a menu
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