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  1. not played in a while and when I'vecome bnack I cannot find the training missions for the su25t I have many training videos but the missions that let you put into practive what you have learned.....where are they Q2.- if I get the steam version is there a way to unlock my already purchased content?
  2. you can time accelerate him talking(check keyboard controls?). It's not actually skipping but it's the best it offers. Poo I know.
  3. that sucks - since the 2u25t and the su25(only 2 planes I've flow yet) have very similar controls for brakes/flaps/firing mode etc
  4. I'm finding that any profile changes I do to general don't get used when flying a specific plane...problem 1 Saving the controls from 1 aircraft and importing them to another doesn't always copy everything. In fact it copies barely anything......problem 2 Am I missing something?
  5. coming right up - I found this out myself. I thought I'd do a video instead of typing N.B. VERY IMPORTANT, do the modifier and inversion BEFORE adding the normal axis
  6. Whilst in the cockpit it's fine but I want it to behave differently when I press F2 If I invert the axis it also inverts it in the cockpit so it seems I can only get the mouse look mode to be the way I want it in 1 mode? There must be a way round this?
  7. Thanks for the advice. I know the basics for the starter plane. I'm a quick study so no problems learning the skills. However, server etiquette is something I'll have to pick up on a per server basis.
  8. It's more of a noob question. How does one 'drop by'
  9. Hi. I'm really interested in joining multiplayer servers in the UK cussing is perfectly fine and even preferred :smilewink: so any one tell me how to find decent populated UK servers? is there a search in game?
  10. thanks will give that a go. You'd have thought you could press a button to skip. The whole UI is very clunky and needs a lot of work IMO
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