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  1. There is more than one stage of sound creation and having access to originals for recording doesn't automaticly grant you the holy grail of sounds either. You got the recording stage, sound editing and last the sound compression. If ED really recorded all their samples from a real aircraft like you said (which is doubvious for samples like the inertia starter which is a sound scrip with a sampled noise loop to imitate the real sound - in my opinion unauthenticly) something could have easily been lost in the second or third process. That is not to say it's wrong or bad but it's just different. I for one preferr to use mods or wait for the time things get change like ED did with the P-51 last year. Anyway, is there any imformation on which specific Bf 109 was recorded by ED (Black 6, Black 10, Red 7,...)?
  2. There's no chance anyone will be able to come up with a definite 'realistic' sound without the ability to make dozens of high quality sound recordings and the skillset of a professional audio engineer. That said it's close to impossible for modders to acchieve that kind of accurancy with only basic means. As far as cockpit sounds are concerned there are some good recordings availabel from G-2 Black 6 or from G-4 Red 7 of the Messerschmittstiftung. The real problem starts to arise with the external engine sounds since they're hard to capture when the actual airplane is in motion. Another issue lies in the sound script of DCS. Due to the way it's setup the Bf109 K4 shares sounds with the P-51 and Fw 190 which makes it difficult to replace them without messing with the other aircrafts. Also, as said earlier in the thread, the starter sound is also heavily scripted in a way that makes it difficult to recreate it accurately. I would appreciate if ED took the time to revisit these sounds like they did with the P-51 but at the same time I do not see that happening in near future.
  3. In this regard it does not differ from any other pure ground attack WW2 aircraft. During the end of war some Ju-87 were retired from daybombing and refitted to serve as nightbombers (D-7 and D-8 variants) due to their vulnerability at this stage of war. Others were used as low altitude Schlachflieger. That's about as much as we could expect it to possibly do in DCS at least. Looking forward to the upcoming announcement and wish all the best to PolyB and the Stuka!
  4. There are 2 ways of installing the mod: Installation: Extract and place the 'Bf-109K4 IDB Mod' folder into your DCS World\Mods directory. Afterwards enable it via JSGME. The second method is directly replacing ingame files with the ones stored in the Bf-109K4 IDB Mod folder which I don't recommend since it may break sth. with future updates for DCS (backups of original files is nessecary in this case).
  5. Unlikely to happen due to the sounds script they're using for the starter sequence. I tried hard in my mod but it's very difficult to work out a way around it without it sounding goofy.
  6. It certainly is. I've tested this behaviour extensively at different speeds, engine settings, rudder input and controller configs. Appling right rudder does raise the nose which in a climb at a certain AoA results in a steady increase of lift ("auto loop"). However, I wasn't able to really nail this issue down on a certain cause (otherwise I had composed a proper report. Anyway, it's unlikely well come to a satisfactory conclusion and I've given up spending more energy on this topic even thoug I really like the DCS K4 in all of it's aspects but this.
  7. It has not only to do with the engine. You can notice this continues uppitch tendency even with throttle at idle/dead engine with full fuel and MW50. Stab trim also seems to have little effect on it since it's only appearing at certain pitch angles (most noticeably during climb).
  8. Its slightly stronger than the x52 bit still comparibly light. Movement angle is slightly worse than the X52 and the stick is a good bit shorter so fine corrections are difficult (issue when flying helicopters). The sensors are very precise but the stick has a noticeable centerplay (not far behind my 3 year old X52 Pro). The axis are seperately spring loaded and the movement is dampened by thick grease which definitely improves controllebility during manouvres. Mine came with a significant miscalibration of the Y-axis which I had to solve with the windows controller driver. In my opinion a good stick for prop aircraft but less suited for helicopters (havent flown jets a lot yet). It's also slightly overpriced compared to the Gladiator.
  9. Hello school, do you use JSGME? I've explained before why this is my recommended way to install the mod. Ypu can install ot directly by inserting the content of the sound and mods folders into your DCS clients's respective subfolders but this may cause trouble with updates. As for your question, the sounds folder contains external spunds while the mods\aircrafts\... directory contains all internal sounds.
  10. Same question, I'm eager to see my favourite aircraft taking shape.
  11. Thx for the feedback so far, I'm glad the mod is well reccieved! It's not a bug but a design choice I made. The reason you hear the whistling with shutown engine is because I changed the wind noise to simulate it (I've tried other methods without sucess but felt it was definetly needed). I will likely keep this workaround until a better method becomes availabel.
  12. Version 2.0 of my IDB mod is finally out for download in the DCS user file section! Link: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2113720/ V.2 includes a variety of important changes: - New sound files have been created and outdated ones have been replaced - Volume of all sounds has been tweaked (lowered) as per user request - Flyby sounds have been rebalanced to sound more authentic - includes mod package for louder gun sounds (by default gun sounds are relatively quiet). To install it drag the content from the "Louder Weapons" folder over into the "Bf-109K4 IDB Mod 2.0" directory However, due to lack of time my testing was short and didn't cover everything. If you find any issues with the sound and/or bugs pls report them so I can fix it. As for now I probably won't be able to work on this mod threwout the coming months which is why I decided to push for a release now. Either way, hope you enjoy it.
  13. I'll break the silence for a little update on the DC-3 and to announce my contribution to the DC-3 Flyable project lead by Markindel. My work as a sound designer for the DC-3 started half a month ago and I've managed to make some good progress in that time. Currently the mod includes 33 customly created sound samples of authentic DC-3s as well as 40 code files. The following preview is just a WIP. Unfortunately I had to use the P-51 as a testbed due to waiting for an updated version of the delayed DC-3 from Markindels & the team. Still I hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned for more!
  14. Don't worry I'll try to find a nice balance. Think I'll also post instructions for people who want to change it but aren't familiar with modding.
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