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  1. I would like to test the AFN2 homing in FW190 A-8. Where can I find valid AFN2 frequencies on Normandy or Channel map which I could set in Mission Editor at my plane? Thanks for your help
  2. ah, ok.. I didn´t know about "UI layer". I will try it today. Thanks for your help
  3. Thanks, I will look into it. I got these problems with the FW190 A8 Anton module. With the "Sim" Profile it is not possible for me to map the VR reset and both VR Zoom to a Hotas Button.
  4. When trying to map f.e. "VR reset" to my Hotas throttle, the cell in setting where to map the function to a key is in a sightly different color and it is not to map the function to my Hotas throttle. But I plugged in other buttonboxes and mapping to a button box is possible. There are some functions which are not possible to map to my Hotas, but possible to map to an other controller. You can check it when looking at the cell where to double click and map the button. If it is in a slightly other color, it isn´t possible to map. Can you please help me why mapping to Hotas isn´t possible with some functions?
  5. Thanks! I forgot about the control panel. I will try! But strange that it isn´t working with lua or autoexec anymore for me.
  6. Using the newest Beta build I got really big problems. Maybe these problems have nothing to do with the newest build. I am using a RTX2080ti @4k G-Sync Monitor. When playing DCS with high settings, my system gives me about 70-90fps. Because of using TrackIR and its refresh rate @60, I always playing DCS @60hz and setting up V-Sync ingame. This brings a nice and smooth feeling into moving the head around. I managed this by limiting the fps in DCS-settings. I tried both ways: 1. adding an autoexec file 2. setting maxfps in graphics.lua Both ways worked for me months ago and framrate was @60fps ingame. But now when using any of these methods to limit my framerate, the game only gives me about 30-35 fps and my GPU and CPU is at a max. of 50% load. There is plenty of room for my system, but game does not use the power. When disabling the fps limitation, frames go up to 70-90fps. It seems to me, that fps limiter does not work anymore for me. I hope you could help to get it working again. I have to limit my fps @60 because of tearing when using TrakIR. TIA
  7. :thumbup:Sounds are working after your hotfix. Ground crew is no replying too. Thanks for updating and supporting.
  8. Genial! Die Sounds funktionieren wieder und die Groundcrew spricht auch. Super vielen Dank!:thumbup::thumbup:
  9. "A production version can be created by using the Distribution Tool provided by Elgato." Can anybody help how to get a production version out of Ranma13 files at GitHub by using the DistributionTool? Thanks :worthy:
  10. Mad Jack, thanks for this simple and small plugin. But I need your help. "1" and "0" works pretty well, but TOGGLE did not work for me. What do I have to do? I put "TOGGLE" as a value in your field "Value On", right? For example I tried with Master Arm switch. DCS-Bios Webinterface (Browser) tells me that my module and the command "MASTER_ARM" is supporting toggle command. When pressing the toggle button in DCS-Bios Website, the switch is set in DCS game. What do I have to do in order to get TOGGLE working with your plugin? Could you please post an example for TOGGLE? Thanks!! EDIT: I did not change anything, but now it works with TOGGLE. Value On: TOGGLE ; Value Off=0
  11. I own a Stream Deck but never used DCS-Bios - ctytler, your plugin looks very promising. I am not at all familiar with DCS bios and thought I could try your plugin cause you did this tutorial videos how to set up. But now I saw that my module is perhaps not supported (DCS-ExportScripts) I want to try with - The FW190 A-8 Anton. Is there a chance to get support for my module I own? I saw that you can export lua for modules, but it seems to be very complicated for me - I am totally noob. Is there an alternative solution for me?
  12. Got the same problem. "pause" and "lwin" keys do not work for me.
  13. Ja, hab sogar neu installiert. Klappt leider nicht. Mit der 2.5 Beta gehts gar nicht. Nur englische Sounds. Aber mit der normalen 2.5 Version klappen die Sounds zum Teil. Aber z.B. Anforderung bei Bodencrew und Befehl quittieren von Auftanken spielt nur ein Kratzen im Sound ab. Da scheint nach dem letzten Update etwas nicht mehr zu klappen bzw. haben die damit etwas verändert. Kannst du es mal bei dir versuchen?
  14. Wurde etwas mit einem Update an den Sounds verändert? Ich höre trotz Mod immer nur die englischen originalen Sounds. German WW2 Funk, Radio, Speech, Voices, Mod .. legt seine Dateien hier ab: "Sounds\Speech\Sound\GER\Common" Hoffe jemand kann mir sagen wie ich die Sounds wieder zum Laufen bekomme. Danke schon mal.
  15. I downloaded "German WW2 Funk, Radio, Speech, Voices, Mod". Seems that an DCS update changed anything. The files are going here: "Sounds\Speech\Sound\GER\Common" Would be great to get some help. Thanks!
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