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  1. Hi, fastest way is to check DCS-BIOS (https://github.com/DCSFlightpanels/dcs-bios) JSON files, in order to find out what each control is named. Find the required controls in Scripts/DCS-BIOS/doc/json/ for your module. You need DCS-BIOS installed in your DCS World saved games directory, first, of course. You can find the maintained fork of DCS-BIOS here: https://github.com/DCSFlightpanels/dcs-bios/releases
  2. Agree, Vietnam, Greece/Turkey or even the Balkans.
  3. Ok, just for the sake of clarity: this applies to a dcs control plugin for streamdeck, which indeed requires dcs-bios, on the listening side. if not using dcs-bios, go install it. Controls have two values, but for most of your buttons, this simply means (as an example): UFC_ONOFF value on: 1 value off: 0 that's it. A INC/DEC example, let's say CHANNEL 1 SELECT: UFC_COMM1_CHANNEL_SELECT value on: INC value off: - (- means nothing) UFC_COMM1_VOL: Value On: +3200 Value off: INC and so on. Check DCS-BIOS for a complete list of commands. (Examples are for F/A-18C)
  4. Maybe already posted: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/32951/pilots-rare-trip-around-area-51-includes-pics-of-range-targets-drone-bases-ufo-legends
  5. Do you see the icon for DCS Control among the actions in stream deck application? What have you configure so far? Can you describe any of the actions you have set up? Br/ Mad Jack
  6. Hi, The whole thing works because DCS-BIOS is quite awesome. Let me add again that bidirectional input is way more complex to achieve. Hope Ranma13 finds time to work on his project. For toggle buttons, you can just use TOGGLE. You will need documentation on DCS-BIOS and your module commands, and check whether a given command supports Rotary (INC, DEC), TOGGLE or a single value. Rotary controls will take two buttons, but all others just one.
  7. Since Ranma13 is already working on bidirectional input, I'm not planning to do much more about it. Currently it works for me as simple as it is. Thanks for your comment!
  8. yep! Sorry I didn't remember your name, but i read your post. Hope you manage to take it further down the road. If you need help, I mostly understand the SDK on the part I work with here, not all of it thou :) I know you can manage icons and set up the whole communication bidirectional... but that's another level right now for me, although I have developed the receive data part from DCS bios for another project, C++ also. Edit: There's a property you can set to handle different size PI windows... will try to find it for you.
  9. Hola, Copio del foro en inglés: He hecho un plugin para Stream Deck, para conectar con DCS, que permite mandar controles sencillos (con DCS-BIOS, necesitas DCS-BIOS instalado). Si no conocéis Stream Deck, es este cacharro: https://www.elgato.com/en/gaming/stream-deck Los iconos que uso en la captura son estos: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/3303670 de pellelil. Basicamente, te permite mandar cualquier control (de los básicos, on/off o TOGGLE) con valores para keyDown y KeyUp o TOGGLE. La mayoría de controles aceptan valores del estilo de 1-0, 0-1, 1-2, 2-1, etc. ¿Para qué sirve? Esto sirve para ahorrarse el tener que configurar teclas para todos los controles que quieras manejar desde el stream deck. En el pantallazo, todo son controles de DCS, sin combinaciones de teclas. No funciona con controles rotatorios o incrementales, que necesiten saber el valor anterior... la comunicación es sólo en un sentido, de Stream Deck a DCS, se puede hacer pero es un poco complicado, y este plugin es muy básico.... El SDK tampoco ayuda. Mi primer plugin, muy sencillote, la única garantía es que me funciona. Fuentes y el plugin aquí: https://github.com/toureiffel/streamdeck-dcs (Los iconos son de pellelil, y se pueden bajar del link de arriba) A disfrutar! MadJack
  10. Hi all I've made this plugin, to talk to DCS, and allows you to send DCS-BIOS commands. I would suggest to use https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3303670/ icons from pellelil to set up your controls. Basically, it sends whatever control you set up, and allows you to send one value for keyDown and another on keyUp, OR the TOGGLE command, which will just send one TOGGLE (ignores the other value). For most controls, values are 1-0, 0-1, 1-2, 2-1, etc. For now, it doesn't work with incremental or rotary controls, as there is no communication from DCS. Will look into that, but as someone mentioned, Stream Deck's SDK is not that friendly. Please, report any issue you may find. This is my first plugin for streamdeck. Only guarantee is that it works here. Here you can find the plugin and source code: https://github.com/toureiffel/streamdeck-dcs (Icons on the screenshot are not my work, but pellelil's) Enjoy! MadJack
  11. It helped here cleaning the saved games\dcs\fso and metashaders directories.
  12. hmmm, NATOPS (I-2-63) says the same as P29. Heading or ATTH only if previously enganged.
  13. P29 seems to explain how the current system works. Could be wrong.
  14. Quoting from manual: "Heading or attitude hold is maintained, depending upon which mode was previously engaged" If you had no mode selected before engaging BALT, then you cannot expect ALT HSEL or ATTH hold. This means basically that engaging BALT will not disengage any of those modes. Think of RALT, it will disengage BALT, for example. Thus, the clarification. edit: typo, meant HSEL
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