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  1. Ok tnx Послато са SM-G955F уз помоћ Тапатока
  2. Can I just copy DCS 2.5 folder to SSD? Послато са SM-G955F уз помоћ Тапатока
  3. I am trying to install my modules (v2.2) but when that pop up window with checked modules shows up and I hit install game always crash to desktop Послато са SM-G955F уз помоћ Тапатока
  4. Hello.I can see that ping in Nevada MP is much higher then 1.5 Caucausus MP? Is there any solution for that or what? Послато са D6503 уз помоћ Тапатока
  5. If Bios upgrade doesnt work,make new OS installation from the scratch.Thats always help. Послато са D6503 уз помоћ Тапатока
  6. But.....still stays problem when runing script and throttle behavior.Is it normal that "combined" device in GUI device analyzer have (root) in the end of the name? Послато са D6503 уз помоћ Тапатока
  7. I've tried all that already but nothing.Contacted TM but they said that I need to be patient about this and on the end I resolved problem with new OS instalation from the scratch
  8. :cry::cry::helpsmilie::helpsmilie:I actualy have 2 pairs of TM warthog devices in HID tree...Two named HID game controllers and 2 named with real names TM warthog throttle&joystick When I tried to disable HID ones. devices stops to work and lamps shut off and same thing when I disable named ones
  9. its a total mess.I thought that my throttle axis doesnt move only if I run some script...but no.Throttle aint work when I run editor or device analyzer too.I probably need to do totaly new instalation of warthog and target from the scratch,,,but probably to erase all connected registry entries or something. And I am not a geek for that
  10. https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=https%3A%2F%2Fforums%2Eeagle%2Eru%2Fshowthread%2Ephp%3Ft%3D186286&share_tid=186286&share_fid=74365&share_type=t TM throttle stops work after starting script Послато са D6503 уз помоћ Тапатока
  11. Go to device&printers, right click throttle,properties or settings (calibration windows) and move sliders buttons etc.Or do that in device analyzer in T.A.R.G.E.T Послато са D6503 уз помоћ Тапатока
  12. I am using GUI, but its happening with all scripts, stock and custom.Its strange that in device menager before I run script I have this situation http://prntscr.com/eym37c So there is a 4 spots for TM Warthog and when I run script I have this http://prntscr.com/eym4zv blue stripes runing TM devices and red disabled TM devices And this situation can be seen in Device and Printers with 2x Combined devices, Throttle and HID compliant !!! http://prntscr.com/eym5ov
  13. Yes but in device analyze I have several HID devices and Thrustmaster Combined isn't checked, that one HID with no name is.And...my throttle axis wont work when I run script.When I stop it,everything is fine Послато са D6503 уз помоћ Тапатока
  14. My firmwares are 11 and 23,newest one right? Послато са D6503 уз помоћ Тапатока
  15. Hello there After I start any script, my warthog throttle wont work well. Full swing of throttle from off to max I get response like 3%.When I stop script throttle works ok.Any thoughts? Sry about my english :helpsmilie:
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