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  1. Привет Mikhail, please add me to the list as well. Best regards from Hamburg & до скорого Frank
  2. Спасибо большое! Version did the trick, it's working again! :thumbup:
  3. Could not initialize JeatSeat Privet Andre, since this morning (got an update to SimShaker for Aviators) the ibaJeatSeatHandler seems to have a problem. I get a recurring MessageBox saying "Could not initialize JeatSeat". I thought this was due to me not clicking the firewall checkbox fast enough upon DCS start, but checking the box afterwards in Control Panel didn't solve the problem either. I tried uninstalling SimShaker, but after rebooting it was obviously still there and simply updated itself again - the problem is still there. What can I do? :( помоги мне пожалуйста...
  4. Gosh... I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread, I was about to build a new box based on X99. Is this issue still current? I had all sort of weird USB behaviour with with my old box and Windows 8.1 and found out that going back to Windows 7 solved everything at once. Now I'm wondering if X99 and Win 7 might work together as well? Any experience?
  5. Just for the record: I found yet another way to supply power to the monitors :)
  6. Wow! Outstanding work, Tronix! :thumbup: I still have a long way to go. And I will 'steal' one of your ideas for sure: That middle part for fastening the stick gave me headaches, but your pic showed me how to solve it! Thanks! ;) //VR
  7. My cockpit has to work for both DCS and Star Citizen, so I'm not going for some specific plane or helicopter. I try to keep it independent. All I have right now is some old picture from five weeks ago because most is disassembled at the moment. Once everything is back in place, it will surely look better :) The seat is from a Smart ForTwo btw - lightweight and foldable ;) //VR
  8. It's still a bit too early, Tronix ;) And I have actually disassembled many things for painting at the moment. But I promise I will post some impressions once it looks fit for display :D //VR
  9. SOLVED! YAY! Device Manager is your friend in Windows 8.1! ;) Under the USB Devices branch, you have to identify the correct USB hub (had to unplug everything first, there were way too many entries) and then uncheck the "Allow computer to turn off this device to save power" item in the energy options. It seems it's interpreted as "Forcefully shut down this port no matter what's connected." Reminds me of the issue with the Cougar MFDs: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=115816 Now it works with the Anker hub - still not with the Icy Box model, but this may in fact be due to the PSU being too weak in that one. Back to the drawing board, gentlemen. Off to more woodwork for the cockpit panels now :captain: THX again for the hub recommendation! :thumbup: //VR
  10. Hey Tronix, if the main difference between our setups is the OS, then I'm almost 100% sure it's because of the USB power management in Windows 8.1. I'm still at a customer's site at the moment, but I will test and play around with the power settings as soon as I get the chance. My DisplayLink drivers are current (7.7 M4, that's why I know that the monitors work at all...) I'll report on my progress soon. //VR
  11. :( NOPE :helpsmilie: Same result. Your hub recommendation also doesn't cut it. The monitors only seem to work when they're connected directly to the PC's port. WTF? I plugged one into the Anker hub, just one - even that didn't work. First I get 'device not recognized', and then 'not enough controller resources'. Same as my Icy Box hub. And now for the really weird part: I found an old Hama USB 2.0 hub with 3 ports on my shelf. I connected it via USB (it has no own power supply), plugged one monitor in and bang! there it is. (If it had 4 ports, I'd also plug in the second one, just for fun.) Now what? Is it some strange USB 3.0 issue maybe? Anyone? :dunno: EDIT: The anker hub doesn't make any "connected" sound when I plug it in - is this normal behaviour? The others "ping". It lights up though. The problem might be there..? EDIT #2: Windows 8.1, not Windows 7. Some Power management stuff? //VR
  12. Danke, Tronix :thumbup: Just placed my order for 'your' hub, along with a 3m cable. By the way: I asked Lilliput support if they recommend using a separate power supply. And guess what: they even sell them ;) http://www.lilliputdirect.com/monitor-accessories/batteries-and-power-supplies?product_id=104 But that's ~21 Euros apiece plus shipping while the Anker hub is cheaper and gives me a few more USB ports. As cichlidfan pointed out, it's still a bit of guesswork, but Tronix is now my reference :D
  13. Hi Tronix, ja, ich spreche deutsch :) Und vielen Dank für die Bestätigung meiner These, dass es eigentlich gehen müsste! But maybe we'd better stick to English here... might help more people..? My hub is active, it has its own power supply - and still there's not enough juice for 2 monitors, that's what's troubling me :cry: What brand/type is yours? //VR
  14. Hi Laurius, that would surely work, but I forgot to mention that my PC is a dual-use machine. I switch my boot SSDs rather frequently and I don't want to rewire the whole box each time I do this. Two or three USB hub cables and a powerboard for additional monitors are OK, but any more than that means hard work ;) - especially as I have to keep track where which USB plug goes. If I don't pay attention, my X-45 and my Saitek pedals will conflict (at least in Star Citizen they do.) So I'm looking for some sort of low-maintenance solution. Sorry for not mentioning this earlier. Reading this helpful forum for months is one thing, but the first own posting probably gave me some stage fright :music_whistling: //VR
  15. Hi everybody, I'm currently busy building my own cockpit, and I've bought two Cougar MFDs along with two 8" Lilliput UM-80/C/T monitors. When I attached the first of the displays to my 10-Port powered USB hub (Icy Box IC-AC6110), it said there were not enough resources to power the device. :( When I disconnected everything else on this hub, it worked. But when I connected the second monitor, it complained again. It seems that even hooking up the two displays to a separate 4-Port USB hub is not an option if they draw that much power from the USB bus. I have noticed however that the monitors have an extra power connector next to the Mini-USB connector. Is it possible to connect separate 5V 500mA power supplies there and just use USB for the display data? Does anybody have experience with this? //VR :helpsmilie:
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