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  1. did you ever get the TQS working? did my F22 a while back (very easy with shift registers) & converted an SFS throttle (matrix, was a nightmare) so is the TQS a 10x1 matrix? so shouldn't need to re-wire & solder diodes? or by default is it using a shift register?
  2. can you do a writeup on whats actually needed electronics wise?, looking to do this on my F22 USB conversion... i'm assuming if i get the right parts its just a case of aligning them at the base of the gimbal & printing a bracket
  3. does anyone have a spare sfs throttle POT, or a link to something compatable? one of my pots has never worked, and i need a spare that works
  4. would you mind sharing the stl? Would quite like to print one of these off! Great job!
  5. Hi guys, just thought i'd post a link to my newest 360 video on youtube, quite proud of this one, its my 2nd stereoscopic 3D video in 360, so its best viewed using google cardboard & your smartphone :) you can also use chrome to use the mouse to drag your viewpoint around (no ie unfortunately) btw its circus fitness, so might not want to view in work. also have a few other videos on my channel mainly virtual tourisim based let me know what you guys think? would especially like some feedback from google cardboard / Rift owners :) if anyone else is into 360 video, post your favorites below, or what you would want to watch in 360 3d, as finding inspiration is hard! :):)
  6. I agree, when I took the boot off of the f16 & the f22, I found the same thing, so maybe put a rubber boot on your flightstick base? Maybe a CV boot from a car cut down would be good as they are very flexible..
  7. Looking good! Flightstick pro was a great stick, agree that diagonal was a bit weird, but nowhere near as bad as the f16 flcs or the f22 (even worse! Because the springs are so tight!) Never saw a black flightstick pro base though, mine was light grey, was the USB version black? You should try to get an f22 for the grip, it feels much better than the f16, feels much more solid somehow...
  8. Here might be good for any extra keycaps you need :) http://www.clickykeyboards.com/index.cfm/fa/categories.main/parentcat/10191 Think there is also a place in Japan that does custom dye sublimation keycaps for the model m
  9. Hi guys, Thought id show you my latest restoration mods Picked up an f22 tqs & elite rudders for £25 on ebay! filled the f22s base with lead & mmjoyed it & the pedals! working great!
  10. yep i'm flashing the mmjoy firmware to the Arduino, i had to install the Arduino drivers in order to figure out what com port the Arduino was going into when you set it to bootloader mode. the firmware is definatley flashed onto teh arduinio, but i'm just not getting any inputs (apart from axis) picked up in mmjoy its self... in windows some buttons are showing up, & everything is definatley wired up correctly... i'll post on there & see what mega_mogz thinks! :) think i'll also try another arduinio.. just to rule that out as no-one else seems to be having these issues!
  11. just a thought i'm using windows 8.1 x64.. could that be why MMjoy isnt showing the button presses?
  12. yeah the resistive trail is broken (litterally Burnt!) yep all switches have diodes wired in the correct polarity this is where i'm having difficulty... i cant assign the buttons as the presses dont show up in mmjoy configurator.. if i assign 1-32 sequentially then some buttons work in windows joystick panel, but still dont show up as pressed in mmjoy... am i supposed to use the drivers that come packaged with MMjoy? as i just downloaded the standard arduinio drivers from ardionio. or maybe my arduinio is bad?
  13. whats teh serial number of your throttle... very intresting that the sticks are metal.. mine are plastic, i wonder if yours is an earlier throttle or later one...
  14. any mmjoy experts here? everything is built & tested electronically (apart from one of my pots thats burnt out :() i have connected everything up to MMjoy, & my axis work, but only random buttons work... i think its to do with the button assignment... i have 5 rows & 4 columns. i think the reason some of them are working is because i dont know what button number in the matrix they will be so cannot assign them to joystick buttons... as i cant see them in the button matrix (state) when i press them is this supposed to work in real time?
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