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  1. Another Question, is it possible to test flag with moose?
  2. Maybe, Schedule its function from old version of Moose... and doesnt exist now
  3. Schedule in Spawn Class hi, i dont understand the function Schedule in this line of code: (from mission in Github : Area 51 - The Secret Base) Spawn_RU_Ground_Route_1 = SPAWN:New( 'RU GROUND ROUTE 1' ):Limit( 16, 150 ):Schedule( 150, 0.5 ):RandomizeTemplate( Spawn_RU_Ground ):RandomizeRoute( 1, 0, 1500 )Could you explain ? because i dont see this function in Spawn Class (documentation) thanks for help..
  4. I have Vjoy and even FFB is disabled, the device is seen like a FFB device. I think its the same thing for other FFB devices.. so i have found another solution to avoid to unplug and plug the stick you could rename or delete the registry keys corresponding to the FFB stick.. that hides the FFB of the stick to the game... you have to find in driver properties the vid and pid of stick ang after go to the corresponding keys.. for the Vjoy device: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\MediaProperties\PrivateProperties\Joystick\OEM\VID_1234&PID_BEAD\OEMForceFeedback HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\MediaProperties\PrivateProperties\Joystick\OEM\VID_1234&PID_BEAD\OEMForceFeedback i have just renamed the two registry keys, and the trim is functional.. when the fix will be available i just put the right name to reactivate the FFB. regards
  5. Hi, sorry for my english it seems there is problem... my CDU is always functional but when i change 0 to 1 mn in the settings of the timing.. the CDU is not functional after 1 mn so the value 0 si not understood is it a bug of mission editor ? i am in version 1.5 even i change the value of timing action, the CDU keept functional sometimes... i test the "set Failure CDU" with 100% within 0 or 1mn but big problem CDU has not failure.. sometimes when i relaunch mission the failure.cdu is fucntional, but not always.. hope you unsderstand my poor english
  6. Yes Ian its also good solution, you are using rectangle which covers the zone and its more clever solution than mine!!
  7. Okay, i understand better what you want.. in fact you 'd like a function RespawnInPolygon, so no such function in mist library. you should write a new function for that..(possible but not easy to select a random point inside a poygon (good in math!!)...) what i could to suggest you is to put circles zone inside your zone defined by the waypoint you could put one or more circle to cover the zone (see the mission modified) the problem with that is if you have 3 zones,if first have 10 circles and the second have 5 circles and last 1 circle (for example) you could understand if you use random zone, you have more chance to respawn in the first zone.. if you want equal chance between the 3 polygon, choice a random number between 1 and 3 and following the result respawn random in the circles of the polygon choosen you can use the function math.random(1, 3) to select randomly a number between 1 and 3 and after you test the value and mist.respawn inside the desired zone.. hope you understand my poor english New Effort_1.miz
  8. hi khlosaet this function is not functional with zone...but group i have read in pdf mist.getGroupPoints (string/number groupName/groupId) so in sample given in pdf we have inZone = mist.pointInPolygon(point, mist.getGroupPoints('Polygon Group 1')) that means the group 'Polygon Group 1' has different waypoints and these wp give a polygon so If point is inside this polygon the value inZone is True
  9. Thanks for your answer, i understand better the different Environments in DCS. very good explanation!!
  10. Hi, why i cannot use GetDevice(0) inside mission lua script and i can do that in export.lua. another question. via a lua script inside mission is it possible to send data to udp server like inside export.lua? i am trying to execute require "socket" but problem -> nil so it seems we cant do the same things in export.lua and with script inside the mission? Frenchy
  11. yes i agree!! dont forget to apply the fix to mist.flagFunc.group_alive_less_than and etc...
  12. waiting the bug fixed i have done this addon in your mist file (and all seem okay) local function isGroupAlive(groupName) local groupUnits = Group.getByName(groupName) local unitsAlive = {} local i = 1 if groupUnits ~= nil then groupUnits = groupUnits:getUnits() if groupUnits ~= nil and #groupUnits > 0 then for i = 1, #groupUnits do if groupUnits[i]:getLife() > 0 then table.insert(unitsAlive, groupUnits[i]) end end end end return #unitsAlive > 0 endand in the mist alive function you test if isGroupAlive(groupName) == true thenand false for dead function i am not expert in lua, may be there is better coding than mine. thierry
  13. thanks its okay for the bug, may be its possible to check the group alive inside the db mist.DBs.aliveUnits?
  14. mist.flagFunc.group_alive problem? hi i try to use Mist but i have some problem 1) i have created a group of vehicle with one vehicle 2) i have put this action (i test if the group is alive or not) set the useflag 100 to false when dead mist.flagFunc.group_alive{ groupName = 'U100', flag = 100, toggle = true }but the flag 100 keeps its value true, because in coding of mist function if Group.getByName(groupName) and Group.getByName(groupName):isExist() == true is always True and True even when the group U100 is destroyed is there a problem or i have forgotten something? thanks for help Thierry
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