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  1. Hello! May I ask why is MiG-29A deleted from countries like Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania? There are many people making skins for these countries and actually there is no way how to add these skins for each country. Because of this we are forced to replace some Russian standard skins (or anothers), so in this way you are loosing them bc. of replacing. :( In the past, named countries included MiG-29A and there was a possibility to add as much skins/squadrons as we wanted. It will be perfect to make it works again like in the past for not making the chaos and loosing of another skins. :smilewink: Thank you.
  2. Some update. Almost done. Many Thanks to Jack and SVK_Sniper! :) :joystick:
  3. Thank you mate, your work is very nice too! My favourite one MiG-29 6829 :thumbup: BTW, small update from me too: :joystick:
  4. I want to go to Las Vegas in Nevada to make some BRRRRRRRPT noise! :pilotfly: :gun_rifle:
  5. TO ALL: I took this problem from the very distance point. Once I had a problem with my internet connection in my student´s private with some ports, so I solved this problem by using SoftEther VPN software and connect to the another VPN and these problems goes away. I´ve tried this now to solve this problem and it works! :) I am on 1.5.1. now, so for everybody who has a problem with updating use SoftEther VPN, connect to the any of the VPN and enjoy! :) PS: THX to everybody who tried to help me :)
  6. BIGNEWY: Can you be more specific please? :) I am little bit confused now :dontgetit: THX
  7. What exactly do you mean with "modify"? I´m using Windows Defender (I turned him off when trying to update)
  8. First of all, THX for help, but I´ve tried these things earlier and It´s still the same "phenomenon" :( DCS either doesn´t start update process or it start as usually (as I start "DCS.exe")
  9. Hello, I wanted to update my DCS on a 1.5.1. version, but DCS updater won´t start at all. I´ve tried to start DCS repair but only thing I receive is "Failure when receiving data from the peer" message. I´ve tried to update by using "DCS updater" and later I just start DCS as usually (and wait for some message to proceed update) Any ideas? Edit: sorry for the mistake "do" (meaned "to 1.5.1" :poster_oops: ) autoupdate_log.txt
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