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  1. I have the same question!!!I can join the simple server without the heavy mission,but I can't join the 104th server with heavy misssion, the symptom is the same as yours,I have 16gb ddr4,MSI 1080,256G SSD,I7-6700K
  2. By the way ,I just test it without time acceleration rightnow,tha same situation came again,haha,I'll wait for the next update
  3. haha,thank you friend very much for your patient explanation:) I did use the time acceleration, which is maybe the reason. I'm from China,and my friends around me all like this campaign .haha,it's so amazing that it make me feel as if I was participating a real military action,providing a good war field atmosphere. Nice work,friend! And I want to know the next plot in the mission 3 after the TU-22 appearing, what happend then?
  4. thank you for your help, the tacview is uploaded :)
  5. no, I just shoot down the first two SU-24s as MAGIC told me to do
  6. Magic called me to monitor the TU-22 in the 2 miles and established a hard lock .Then I did this, locking the TU22 with stt mode in the 2miles.Then Magic called me to hold the fire,I did, But nothing was triggerd at that time.And the TU-22 went straightly toward the Tibilis after Georgia's warning,then the SA11 of Georgia launched the missle to the tu-22. At this time, Magic said that I launched the missle, and the mission is failed. I flew four times, and the result is the same as above.How can I get through it, thank you
  7. So kind of you ,Thank you all for your support:) You give me the courage to move forward:smilewink:
  8. Here is the video by myself, which is my first one.And I am a newbie at English forums, please fogive me for my communication skills:P The video is just for fun without military knowledge, thank you for watching:) http://www.bilibili.com/video/av10823271/
  9. 第一次在ED论坛上发帖,发一波自己刚做的视频短片。 渲染美系苏系空中决战气氛的3分钟小电影,为了娱乐效果忽略 了军事常识,各位飞友轻拍,嘿嘿。 http://www.bilibili.com/video/av10823271/
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