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  1. Of course it's a top priority mate. Not the 1st but after 2 years it should be fixed. It breaks the Situation Awareness when you play with a patrol in a Comao. It makes RWR unreadable and kills any tactics vs AI planes or SAM. And I beg ED to fix this core functions ASAP. Please !
  2. Nope, didn't knew about this one. Thanks a lot, it works! :thumbup:
  3. Hi! anyone could send me Jolly Rogers Hi Viz .dds that I could open in photoshop? I can't with the ones i've found in the game folder. Would be nice.
  4. @Oxitom Your liveries are so nice, any chance to get them soon on ED User Files? @Stratos, couldn't use the IA with weapons? :/
  5. Greeeeeaaaat & amazing work !!!!! Thanks a lot for Tracma, precious vehicle :D Should be included by ED in vanilla game :music_whistling:
  6. Congrats! Wonderful to see the release of this wonderful bird. :thumbup:
  7. Very nice! As we saw with F14 video trailer, the pilot head can look behind, will Razbam tries to improve the head movements? For now the external view of the movements is very limited.
  8. Thanks all, merci à tous! and for those who wants more in the series, voici, another Mirage
  9. Dear DCS community, Xmas 2018 update: mod is released Mirage F1 & F1 CT are coming soon as a mod for free! AI only + flyable (FC 3 required to fly her) ---- Formerly created by Ada Team and brought to DCS 2.5 by a talented modding team: - Bruce Yang (conversion) - Patrick & Eric Cuesta (adaptation 2.5, cockpits, lights, debbugging) - Ravenclaw (original SF2 weapons) - cdpKobra (weapons conversion) - Lipe (new skins) - Stratos (Team lead) ---- Let's enjoy watching this beauty flying. :) Stay tuned!
  10. DCS M2KC is useful for "la boutonnite" (heard this from a 2/5 instructor @Nancy air show last summer)
  11. Wow Wow Wow ! A -5 + a -D !!! Breaking news!!! Wouldn't expect to hear this as the French Air Forces still use them! Not a joke?
  12. Awesome templates! Thks for sharing ;)
  13. Great addition thanks! What about French camo? Maybe the british ones are the closest?
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