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  1. how can i download de modules by use these serial´s?
  2. work .... but it is difficult to respond sikorsky .... for now I restricted to battle hawk access the Air Force , I'll see if I try of them managed to contact Sikorsky ...
  3. Regards. SiThSpAwN , It is true, I have to see if I can contact any member of the existing teams or how to contact them to see if anyone is interested ... thanks for the idea, I 'll remember .
  4. I agree , need to recruit more manpower , I'll have to find someone who is interested .... basically what I need is someone with experience in C ++ in LUA coding , or some ex - developer who can help me in exchange for a % ...:book:
  5. It is difficult, more working alone to meet the requirements just to make the proposal, but try ...
  6. greetings, "hog_driver111th". the goal is to not only battle hawk, if not several configurations Black Hawk, but it'll take a little while working alone in the project .....
  7. greetings Darkwolf ok, I already contacted "Wags" Thanks !.
  8. greetings, GunfighterSIX , currently in Colombia 's Battle Hawk not carry 20mm cannon , carry GAU 19 , at first the idea is to make the model based versions III and IV , and then standardize incorporating different configurations, your help would be very useful in the next stage of development.
  9. hi, I am developing an AH- 60L Battle Hawk , known in Colombia as " Harpy " let me know what I need to set up the project in DCS World as 3rd Party and requirements for mounting an addon within the simulator, thanks
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