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  1. Ever hear slippery slope fallacy? You have it. Missile could have been fielded, including export models and would be a nice addition. Did Mig 21 with Grom result in R77 on Flanker and such? No it didn't. DCS is sandbox sim there is room for believable alteration when it would have been possible and feasible in real world. SEAD on M2000C is both. Also we may get Skyflash for Ajs 37 lol Igla could have been on KA 50 too, all depend on what KA we got cause each different. If ED add Igla tomorrow it not would be totally unrealistic
  2. About ARMAT missile. . . I have several friend who would buy M2000 if SEAD capable. Even if M2000C had not Armat fielded, if it had been possible I would like to get. DCS World is one big "What if/What could be" simulator, and it is not unreasonable for M2000C to use SEAD missile if need had arise. MiG 21Bis has Grom which it had not in real use, but COULD have. Devs please give us Armat! This would make aircraft so much better use! Those who do not like can not use! We VERY much need additional SEAD aircraft, SU 25T is just so slow! Lol
  3. I find this RB 05 weapon very interesting, as it is hand control by pilot. What was this weapon intended to kill?
  4. Agree, and honestly DCS is sandbox sim with many variant of aircraft, I do not think there is anything wrong with including weapon or system that could have easily been use
  5. We are glad for this inclusion! Makes MiG 21 more fun and was not unrealistic, as could be done. I hope you will do similar inclusions with AJS 37! Those who do not want do not have to use!
  6. Lol reactions so funny I can't wait until devs actually announce so we can ask question like Razbam has with M2000
  7. [ame= ] [/ame] [ame= ] [/ame]
  8. Yes but MiG shoots front aspect and radar lock, AIM 9 cannot.
  9. But we do already have all craft on both sides on many server, and even WW2 and Korea with modern jet! Viggen will be great addition to multiplayer, and will do strike role with less vunarbility than such planes as A-10, SU 25
  10. This true. I should think MiG and Viggen have similar chance in WVR sortie, but Viggen is very capable to escape mirage. TTW similar for both
  11. Why so many negative attitude? LNS does not owe you a thing? Viggen is their choice and choice I very much love! IF you don't like move on. Did you all miss the many many hints to the viggen be the choice? How this plane not have place in DCS world? It blows things up on ground and air, that is only requirement! It also would have been a important jet in cold war scenarios to LNS- I hope in future you will consider NOT doing surprise release, as many seem to get wrong expectations then dissapointment, which takes away from those who are happy! No more secret plane!
  12. This is DCS, commercial success matter? I think not. See the KA-50? LNS can make whatever they want and Viggen was incredible plane that deserves place in DCS
  13. Not impressive because Russian aircraft, but if French mirage you would been impressive? LOL :lol:
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