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  1. My apologies for the delay. Here we go. AV8B WAYPOINT visible.trk
  2. As per description - the waypoint shows on second MFD as if the HSI was extended all the the way there. See attached picture
  3. An update. It happens in cold startup too. I went through full alignment, the PREP 00 coordinates are correctly input, they match the initial position, F10 map and WP1 is set to same position. Yet, HSI shows 5.1nm to the waypoint. BUT, when I move, it changes to 0.8nm. I'm not sure if this is within tolerance for M2K, still seems like way too high. Hope this helps...
  4. Ok, this one is bit complicated so hopefully it will make sense. The problem is, that after correcting the INS drift by changing the coordinates in PREP 00, the HSI is still showing heading and distance as if you were on the old 'drifted' position. I'm attaching a track & picture, hopefully it's more clear from that. How to reproduce the issue. 1) Cold start - full INS alignment 2) input your start position as WP1 3) verify that HSI shows minimal distance from your position to WP1 after INS is aligned 4) take off, fly until INS drifts 5) land - verify the distance shown on HSI and the INS drift 6) note your current coordinates on F10 map 7) input your current coordinates to PREP 00 and WP1 8) check HSI As per attached picture, after landing - the coordinates in PREP 00 and WP1 are SAME, ie the HSI should show distance 0 (or approximately so). However, it still shows distance as if the INS drift has not been corrected and plane is at the 'old' position. This can be fixed by switching off the INS and rerunning the full alignment again. I haven't tested the inflight alignment. M2K INS dirft can't be corrected on the ground.trk
  5. Can someone explain why the feature is activated at all then? Is it because of the carrier? Otherwise it makes no sense to have it active if it's broken, regardless of whether it's ED's fault or RAZBAM's fault.
  6. As per description, it seems that it's impossible to remove the wheel chocks with engine running. The ground crew responds with 'Unable to comply'. You have to switch off the engine, then it responds normally.
  7. For anyone that is actually looking for solution for this - you need to have the EXP switch in off position when you rearm countermeasures or switch it off and on again once you complete the rearm.
  8. Hey everyone! As per title - if you expand your countermeasures, land and rearm, the CM counters are reset as if reloaded but the actual reload doesn't happen. Regardless of rearm, you're stuck with whatever was loaded in then plane at the beginning of the mission. Observed both in MP and SP. Track attached. AV8B CMS rearm not working.trk
  9. On Mi24, that's exactly what it is. It's a visual aid for the pilot. It doesn't read AOA though, it will indicate yaw on vertical axis and climb or descent on horizontal one.
  10. Thanks Grover, but in that case, reseting the programmer should be irrelevant with Jester shouldn't it, since Jester does it on it's own. Can you please post step by step how you rearm countermeasures in the plane with Jester? I fully acknowledge that it's probably my incompetence at this point because EVERYONE tells me it's just 'easy' and just do it like 'you always do', but as posted above, I tried almost every possible combination and I can't get it to work.
  11. Hi HB, unfortunately, even after this was supposedly fixed according to change log, I just can't make it work. I tried: -> refuel / rearm-> don't touch CM sliders -> F8 - F6 to set CM count -> F8-F6 to set CM -> refuel / rearm -> don't touch the sliders -> set the sliders -> refuel / rearm -> F8 - F6 -> set the sliders -> F8 - F6 -> rearm / refuel went back to RIO seat and reset the CM count none of this works. If I'm doing it wrong, can please somebody, who actually made it work and seen it work tell me, how to do that? (btw I'm talking about plane with Jester. It works with human RIO).
  12. My apologies for the bump, but would it be possible at least acknowledge that this is being looked into?
  13. I was told that maybe my procedure was not entirely correct, so hopefully this is the track with correct procedure. After expanding all flares 1) Refuel / Rearm the jet 2) I'm not touching the sliders at all 3) Use the F8 - > F6 menu to reset the CMs. Still doesn't work, unfortunately. This is with Jester. F14 CMS Test v2.trk
  14. For what it's worth, this works for me so far as a workaround. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4191203&postcount=3
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