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  1. unfortunately, due to the load tacview puts on the server and how players use it to cheat we have it disabled.
  2. Jester doesn't set proper chaff and flare count or positions during rearming. so if i swap the an-ale and rearm he will not update the counter or chaff flare positions. So he will not flare or chaff. so to workaround the player needs to jump into the back and set it.
  3. In multiplayer when I'm in the rio position and i designated a target. If i swap to the pilot seat, he will lose the designation point.
  4. During the launch phase of the aim54. If you launch with TWS Auto and it hasn't yet initialized IE tracking the contact you just fired on. It will not guide the missile or it doesn't display an TTI timer. To reproduce the bug pick up a contact with tws auto active. soon as you pick up the target launch before the TWS auto has a chance to slew itself onto the contact.
  5. 2 years in and still can't tell jester to run a new alignment on the ground. as title says. probably not worth coding if i can hop in the back next patch but quite frustrating the last couple years....
  6. f14 repair is useless bug for 2 years. damaged tire doesn't allow you to initiate a repair. if you do initiate a repair it will not align from current position.
  7. Iron Mike. Please come fly on the DDCS server. Those guys will make you work for it haha .
  8. I disagree I think the missile will still perform well as before. 70% Of my missiles miss because of bad guidance logic. Over AOA ect. Launch from low altitudes I suspect will be rough because it’s so draggy.
  9. Perhaps when the guidance logic is updated we will see some cool things happen.
  10. The alt hold pushes the nose down causing it to exceed the 200fpm limit kicking off alt hold. I’ve gotten it to work at 32k feet standard temp/pressure but above that I can’t.
  11. Hello everyone! Over the last couple months we have been hard at work polishing and adjusting our Syria mission based on user feedback. DDCS Syria is by far our best work and we will be taking this experience to review our Caucuses and Persian Gulf missions. In our latest rounds of updates we have included a new infantry feature! We hope this will create more content for helicopters and CAS aircraft as teams advance on the map. We have put in an incredible amount of work into this and it's been very rewarding to see the community enjoy this server. Please support us via Patreon, Paypal (which is under dimensionware,) or click the subscription link on guilded. New Infantry Changes/Features: Infantry limit increased to 8 groups per player - MANPADS capped at 1 Infantry now add internal mass to aircraft. Internal Cargo now adds internal mass to aircraft. Infantry can now be deployed via fast rope when in a hover below 60 feet. Infantry take time to successfully deploy, time is proportional to the height of the hover. Failure to remain in a hover until they have deployed will result in their death. As infantry deploys the internal mass of the aircraft will change and you will need to react and keep the aircraft steady. Infantry now take time to get into and out of aircraft, time taken for them to do so is dynamically calculated. No more magic MANPADS from the warp over and over without delay! Mission Update/Changes: Forrestal is now included in the mission replacing the Stennis M60 and T55s are back Current Working Features: Campaign/Unit Persistence: the campaign and units are saved between restarts so none of your work is lost! Integrated Air Defense System (IADS): Long range sams now rely on AWACS and EWRs to provide SA on sead strikes. Sams will have a chance to automatically turn off increasing their survivability. So long as the AWACS or EWR detects the strike the IADS system will work. Auto GCI: When numbers stack on one side the AUTO GCI will kick on for the team with low numbers. It will present BRA information to the pilot based on what EWRS and AWAC systems detect. JTAC: still work in progress but is active. Main Base Auto JTAC system: units close to an airfield will get marked with smoke. Convoy AI: Convoys will deploy based on player numbers and stacking. These units are not dumb and often have been reported by players of being flanked and killing them. Base Defense AI: Units will no longer sit idle as you pick them off from afar. They will come out to meet you and do battle. Expect a fight if you have not softened the base up. Join us on: Discord Guilded
  12. Yes you could do this but it would be impossible to enforce on a multiplayer server. Also the extra off road calculations for pathfinding puts allot of stress on the server. The best option is to connect some of the roads that are already there.
  13. No I literally tried this and roads simply are missing connections. This is a problem in multiplayer matches as well because the calculations involved can hang a server.
  14. If you attempt to set some pathfinding routes to H4 airfield from say Khalkalah it will send them on a 100nm detour to King Hussein airfield and then to H4. I zoomed into several roads in the area i would of liked to take and there are many road connections missing resulting in the massive detour.
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