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  1. Winwing grip looks more realistic than TM grip if you look at this video
  2. another 3 month of waiting
  3. кто-нибудь в курсе будет ли смоделировано оружие и боевые повреждения как в VRS TacPack combat system?
  4. ну а DХ11 разве не устарел? DCS вроде переходят на Vulkan
  5. А почему они выпустили 2020 на DХ 11 а не на DХ12? (про Vulkan молчу),на сколько хватит DХ11?
  6. any possibility or planes from WINWING to get 1: 1 replica F/A-18C MFD bezel ??
  7. I think Winwing has weird understanding of phrase " will come very soon" :) Interesting what will " very beautiful price" look like
  8. Yeh, he told me 5000$ :pilotfly:
  9. Hope it will be at least like this full metal device, and yes left side panel would be also great addition to this device, like they did with hornet.
  10. Just got mine today , looks great! will have to get USB cord and test it.
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