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  1. Just love it Rugg, awesome work. Flows very well.
  2. Racer:"Now here is an interesting shot! I have the openings cut out for the forward visibility. And no....I do not have MFD or HUD yet."
  3. Care to shed some light on that sir?? ;)
  4. Damage Models will be coming last I would imagine. Our first goal would be to get the models in game and working together. Cockpits, skinnned and the whole nine yards. And the damage models will follow after word. Dont take my word on it, I can not speak for Racer but that is just my thought process on it.
  5. Ladies and Gentleman I have few updates for you. Huge news, as of right now VNAO has made the decision to put the Prowler on the shelf as of right now. Instead we are going to be updating to the Growler program. Since Super Hornets are taking over all jobs it seems in the fleet now. :) Does not mean the Prowler will never been done, it will just give us more time to work on other projects like this. Racer:"After many many hours this evening of experimenting, I believe the VNAO has yet another first (and perhaps the biggest in Lock On) on our resume. A..(get this)..BRAND! NEW! COCKPIT!!! FROM SCRATCH!!!! That actually works! (bonus)" Who is ready for an F-14 Tomcat Cockpit??? :pilotfly:
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been way overdue for an update on the forums. The Super Hornet has come a long way, she is starting to get the squadron skins put on her. Rotor and Badger have come a long way. They are adding the "working mans" paint on her. Here are some pics of VFA-143's Pukin Dogs 105 paint scheme.:pilotfly: Also Racer has been working on getting the Prowler into the air. She is going through 3D Max right now. She already has some of the Black Ravens markings on her tail.:thumbup: Clean Tail Even the pretty planes have to do some work every now and then right? :smilewink:
  7. Nice work Grimes, lookin good.
  8. Yep as stated the model is only the plane as of right now. The cockpit will be released as soon as it is finished. Being touched up as we speak (Rattler, has been busy with school exams) but hopefully it should be out shortly.
  9. Sorry I did not say...yes install with Modman 6.
  10. Come and get it while it is HOT everyone. The VNAO would like to gladly announce that the F-14D Tomcat is now ready for the public to fly. Visit www.virtualnavairops.com or www.carrierpilots.com to get the download.
  11. If it goes over the F-14 the tailhook would no longer work because the 33 is the only carrier capable plane in game for player pilots.
  12. Well to get us moving back along topic. The F-14D is almost set to be released. Expect to see it going to the public in a few days.
  13. Thank you Groove I appreciate it.
  14. So far just the Su-33 and the IL-76 are on the list.
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