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  1. Your point? One source says its only the nevada map, and one source says all modules. people keep saying its fixed, or its being looked at, and all i can tell is the bonus system seems to have no ryme or reason as to how it works, if it works when it works.
  2. Its not working. I have $24.00 in bonus, and the Mig 21 will not take my bonus points. Anyone know what is exactly going on, not just making assumptions?
  3. Ah, see, its not available in the mission builder, its an option when on the ramp. Sorry, my mistake.
  4. I am trying to figure out why in my load out options, there is no bombs.
  5. Pardon me if I am wrong, but part of that video is from IL-2. The cockpit is the IL-2 cockpit, and the DCS 109K doesnt carry bombs, and I dont believe there is a bomb mod out, either.
  6. I did a second better entry. A second entry, a little but more professional and with a sense of humor.
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