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  1. Okay thanks, That helped. Finally got the orbit working. I placed the two way points so that they cover the entire length of the engagement zone on each orbit. Checking their movement on the mission map, they are definitely orbiting between the two WPs. They initially announce numerous Z23 sightings and report numerous "defending AAA" (which I don't know what that means) but they only engage and kill 1 of 8 Z23's no matter how long I have them orbit. So I guess the search and engage isn't really working like it's suppose to. Maybe there's a distance value from their path beyond which they won't engage.
  2. I'm trying to modify the canned mission Defend Camp Yankee so that Boar 2 orbits over the command post and continues to search and engaging AAA. I can't seem to get the orbit command to work. In setting the duration of the orbit in "Stop Conditions" the format for the duration is HH:MM:SS / ? Anyone know what the parameter after the slash is suppose to be? Also, in setting up an orbit, how do you set the size of the orbit?
  3. Thanks for the info and explanation of the cause. At least it now makes sense as to why it is this way. The specific mission is Defend Camp Yankee. I've modified the mission in the mission editor and moved all of the Z23s out of the trees. I put them close to the tree line so at least I will have to approach from a particular direction to get a clear shot. This helps immensely.
  4. In many of the built in missions (A10C specifically) I have to go against Z23s hidden in forests. Of course there is absolutely no way for me to target them even with labels. Now it would seems to me that a Z23 hidden in the trees like these are would not be able to see me either and could not get a lock and shoot at me. Have you ever tried to find an airplane flying overhead while standing in a stand of woods? Seems like an unfortunate and enormous departure from reality. On my specific mission, my AI friends are totally ineffective as well (even to kill the Z23's out in the open. So the mission is impossible. Any suggestions?
  5. So obvious now. Thanks for the help.
  6. I am wanting to create a mission that includes a SEAD escort of F-18s for my A-10C group. I can add the F-18 and it's path but when I go to arm it I have no load out options and there is no munitions list to choose from. I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong or lack some add-on (other wise what good is it to be able to add other types of aircraft if they don't have weapons to do anything?) Thanks
  7. Thanks to everyone for your replies. Helped out a lot and I got it working in Mission Editor. Still a little disappointed that some "canned" missions aren't included but at least I can build some.
  8. I just purchased the Nevada Test and Training Range add-on. I don't get it. There are no NTTR missions and no way to search for any, I can't create NTTR missions in the mission editor, there are no training missions (even though the product has TRAINING in it's name). So far all I've found is Instant Action and Create Fast Mission that show any NTTR options. I guess I feel duped. Definitely a situation of Caveat Emptor. This is a big disappointment and an expensive one at that. Am I missing something?
  9. When replaying a mission, how do I position the camera to view the bombing run from the from the perspective of the ground target? I've studied and researched this for over an hour and can't find figure it out or find any information (I've seem You Tube videos of this so I know it can be done) Thanks.
  10. Do i have to buy the 'modules' if I already own the individual programs (A-10C, Black Shark 1 and 2)?
  11. Thanks for the replies. I haven't been able to master "shooting on the fly" much at all, and certainly not while flying cross axis to the target so most of the time I'm in hover mode when attacking. I have learned to "high tail" (literally) when I get the first "under attack" message and then set up at a further distance out of range to attack again. But I always wonder what the "real life" tactic is.
  12. On of the things that seems lacking in the documentation is a description of the capabilities of the enemy. (I know this is a hugh undertaking but other sims have done a credible job with this) I gather from these other simulations that pilots may spend almost as much time in training on understanding these capabilities as they do understanding their own craft. With that as a preamble can anyone describe or point me to the right direction for information in understanding the capabilities of battle tanks against a helicopter like the KA-50. (and a much more specific question...what are the two side "wings" that I see deployed on the Leopard tanks in BS)
  13. Well, I haven't experience any crashes since trying this fix. Thanks for the great tip. Just so there is no misunderstanding. The file removed (actually I just renamed it) was Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50\bin\stable\lua-direct_output.dll. There is still a DirectOutputService.exe file running as a back ground process. That is NOT the file I removed or stopped.
  14. Okay, I've deleted the DirectOutput file like suggested and so far so good. I'll report back in after putting some flight time in. Thanks for the suggestion (and possible solution)
  15. I've had 20 program crashes since I've installed the game (20 *.crash reports). They now appear to be totally random when they occur. In looking at the crash reports I see the following # of crashes/ Code/ File involved 10 /C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION/ ntdll.dll 7 /C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION/ lua.dll 1 /C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION/ MitkaGraphics.dll 1 /C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION/ CockpitBase.dll 1 /C000001D ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION/ Anyone have any clue what the problem might be? System is WinXP Service Pack3, Intel Q6600, 2 Gig Ram, Geforce 8800, Audigy (old) sound card, Saitek 52 Pro, Trackir 3, Touch screen monitor as second monitor (not using with BS). I've installed latest NVidia drivers and Trackir drivers.
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