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  1. Yes. I hunderstood. Is very Simply now :-) Inviato dal mio Nexus 7 utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. Some reply from DCS? Inviato dal mio Aquaris M5 utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. Ohhh yess ..... ho capito! Avete bisogno di una spiegazione? Se sei interessato, preparerò questa sera o max domani. ADD: Opss: sorry. I wrote in Italian. Ohhh yess..... I Understood ! Do you need an explain ? If you are interested, I will prepare this evening or max tomorrow.
  4. This is an example in manual: Situation: Viento direction 70° 18 Knots, con rafagas de hasta 28 kts. Pista: direccion 20 grad. Resolution: Con un viento registrado de 18 kts y un angulo de 70-20=50 grad. la componente de viento de cara en pista es de 12 kts. :surrender: (try to translate with google)
  5. Hi. I have read the C101's real manual. Page 225. There is this image for calculate the permission of takeoff. http://www.flight-manuals-online.com Help me with this my example: 1. wind to 10 knots 2. with gusts to 25 knots 3. wind direction to aircraft 75° How to calculate? :( A) I consider crosswind and I find intersection point over line 75 °? Result: it is inside yellow area B) I also consider crosswind: 10 + 25 = 35. Over the line 75°? Result: it is inside red area?
  6. Test this my: http://www.jockerfox.it/?media_dl=66 Inviato dal mio Aquaris M5 utilizzando Tapatalk
  7. We need wait C-101 EB.. I hope as soon as possible. End this year? Inviato dal mio Aquaris M5 utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. I downloaded too ! YESSSSSS
  9. Hi kontiuka. Thanks for your time. I'm new C-101 (2 month) and I'm making a guide / tutorial on C-101 in my language. I study and write the guide on my site. I downloaded here the "C-101 Training uboats": I tried the "C-101-ILS-Training- Uboats "but is a little guide. Usefull but not complete. So, there isn't a particulary problem about flight director, but we need a general guide .. I understand approximately how it work (after hoursss:lol:ssss!), but a more in-depth guide in "DCS C-101EB Flight Manual" it would be useful. These days I will try to understand a little more and if I have problems I will not hesitate to ask for it. Thank you. :thumbup:
  10. Hi to all, is there a guide for Flight Director? Inside the manual is not exaustive.. Inviato dal mio Aquaris M5 utilizzando Tapatalk
  11. Thanks to all for clarification.
  12. In fact it does not work: I tried with A10C and radio VHF FM 2 AN/ARC-186(V) and ATC do not hear me. Who then uses this frequency? Is obsolete? Inviato dal mio Aquaris M5 utilizzando Tapatalk
  13. On the A10C with VHF-FM2 AN/ARC-186(V) radio set at 40.400 frequency and the Intercom set to FM?
  14. Hi, Batumyi has 4 frequencies : 131.000, 40.400, 260.000, 4.250 MHz. 131.000 for VHF radio A10C 260.000 for UHF radio A10C 40.400 and 4.250 for? Inviato dal mio Aquaris M5 utilizzando Tapatalk
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