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  1. Actually I can't find the next r325 oil rig. It says to set Diss to 152.33, but can't find it on the map
  2. Anyone done the Oilfield mission before? I'm having a general problem of not knowing what the objective itself is, but where.. It just says I'm supposed to fly to the subbase for loading.. But it doesn't say where it is. Also having bit of a problem understanding what DISS is. Is it the same as Doppler system?
  3. Hey guys. Any of you that have knowledge in modding, could you explain to me where to find the hand texture for VR-controllers? I want to make the hands invisible.. Right now I need to turn off the hand controller in "VR options" in order to remove them, but then I cannot use the Oculus Touch controller.. I want to have the hand controller active, but invisible. Anyone know where these textures are located and can pinpoint me in the right direction? Or better yet, do you know how to make them invisible in photoshop? Reason why I want to make them invisible: I'm running a motion simulator, and I am using the left controller as a reference tracker on my rig. It's stationed directly in front of me, to be able to track my movements.. So it's always in the way of my view.. I still want to be able to use the right Touch controller for cockpit interaction, without having to turn off the controllers completely.
  4. Throttle is full yes, and I waited a while before takeoff, because I'm new to the aircraft so I spent some time on ground before takeoff. It happens everytime.. If I start it hot, it flies just fine. What other things can it be?
  5. Hi guys. I'm having a bit of a problem with generator failure. I have followed the guide from Grim Reaper, but as soon as I say starrt pulling the collective more than about 30% I'm getting generator failure. I know it's normal to have generator failure when applying excessive force, but I am unable to fly.. If I do the auto start, it flies perfectly normal.. What can the issue be?
  6. I have an issue where my axis tune is constantly reset.. I notice this happening when I plug out my HOTAS Warthog and reconnect it again. All other controllers are remembered, except the axis tune.. Is there a way of "locking" it?
  7. Huh, you're right. I must be crazy :)
  8. Something is messing with the functionality when using oculus. It works fine in Pancake and OpenVR, hence it's a bug.. I don't have a hotas throttle and must rely on keyboard to set idle eng
  9. That's exactly what was not working in oculus vr
  10. Thanks. That's what I've been doing instead yes.. But, is it a bug?
  11. I have an issue with cyclic trimming... Trim nose down makes it go up.... Trim up also makes it go up.. Is this bug fixable? I've quadriple checked my setting, and they are correct..
  12. im also having this issue. trim down goes up, trim up goes up... i dont have ffb joystick
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