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  1. Same here but while trying to adjust controls in MP with Oculus. Mouse moves every 2-3 seconds, very hard even to press cancel.
  2. Fixed in 2.0.5 ? Has anyone tested if Nevada update 2.0.5 fixed this ? Did not see anything related in the changelog ( https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3037845 ) but one can still hope. Cheers
  3. Many thanks spiddx. Is this bug in the developer's "hit list" ? I hope it gets fixed soon. Good to know about the "automatically horizontal" antenna behavior also. I can confirm that the elevation control works flawlessly. Cheers
  4. Hi all ! I have been lately enjoying this fabulous module in on-line, close air to air dogfights. I am unable to have decent control of what the radar is locking onto. Typical procedure : - Select special modes - bore mode and Magic2 missiles. - Lock an aircraft that is inside the bore circle of the HUD. - Unlock/release lock (with backspace). - Let the aircraft go way outside the bore sensitive area. - Activate bore mode again : The same aircraft is automatically locked again !! I have similar issues with all special modes (horizontal and vertical), where I am mainly unable to release lock from the last aircraft and select a new one. I have to turn my aircraft way off the last target before a new one is selected/locked. Imagine the frustration of having a friendly locked and a swarm of enemies running around you... Please note that the missile's tracker lock/release is working fine, but without radar I have no distance information. I have also noticed that any target above mine, is not shown in the radar when I start a climb with this target on the center of my HUD (with plenty of time for all scan lines to complete several cycles). Is the pitch of the aircraft ignored in the radar modelling ? Many thanks for the help, I would Love to be corrected as this is by far my best loved module. Cheers ! DCS version :
  5. Many thanks grunf, that did the trick. There is also the "enforced" section in "mission", I changed it there as well and all is good. Many thanks
  6. Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I have disabled the outside views (all of them) as well as the padlock view. This is in the options of a multiplayer mission, so they should be enforced on connecting clients. Unfortunately the "Allow F5 Nearest AC view" option is not available in the mission editor as in the game options. Any clues how to disable it ?
  7. Hi ppl ! I am trying to make a dogfight mission and I want the "Nearest aircraft view" (default key is F5) disabled. I enforce "no padlock" and "no external views" (eg F2 does not work anymore), but as soon as I merge, the F5 key is giving me the best cheating view no matter what ! Help please !!!! How do I disable this cheat ? Am I doing something wrong or is this some bug ? Best regards
  8. I have been testing 1.5 but I think 1.8 gives me the best quality/performance. Could be placebo ofc... By the way Skatezilla, many thanks for the great utility of yours. Cheers George
  9. Good Job guys ! At "VR" preset, with 1.8 multiplier and KA50 free flight around LasVegas downtown it's 50 to 90 fps (ASW off). Thanks !
  10. Yeap, I had a dual boot system (win7 and win10) with the older 2.0.3 in win 7 intact. Ofc you can download 2.0.3 by using the utility from here : https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160053 In the "advanced update options" select "Open alpha" checkbox (bottom right ) and enter "2.0.3" in the text box. Note that the replacing of Nevada folder is not really worth the trouble, as you get no new content, and most probably not all planes/hellis working properly (I tested M2000C and my clasic Ka 50 free flight fps test). It's just for fun ! Still very smooth. Let's hope they fix it fast. Cheers
  11. Having a go at this : -REMOVE (emphasis important, keep a copy ofc) the 2.0.4's "Nevada" folder from "DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Mods\terrains" -Copy/move the same folder from 2.0.3 in the above path. Smooth as ever 90fps with my system with latest runtime. ofc without the latest bells and whistles and new airports. Cheers.
  12. Totally broken for me too. 15-35 fps with nothing more than desert and everything set to low. All sort of space and time wraps kick in and create the Philadelphia experiment (Hmmm.... Area 51 at it's greatest !) . Win10, Oculus CV1 v 1.10 runtime, GTX1080, i7-6700K@4.5G, 16Gb RAM @ 3200 Mhz, System and game on separate SSDs. Tried with Nvidia drivers 375.86 and 375.95 (no difference). Just ordered that new Chinese supercomputer... ( https://www.top500.org/news/new-chinese-supercomputer-named-worlds-fastest-system-on-latest-top500-list/ ) Cmon ED, why not test this, it's an alpha after all. It's better to have waiting users than disappointed users..... Enjoy !!!!
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