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  1. People, don't try to argue with the developers, AIM-120 and western things = OK buff, all russian things nerf! :D
  2. This thing maybe will be finished by 2025, mark my words!
  3. wake me up when 2025 ends
  4. Is incredible that the Pucara started long after the MIG-23 and now is in a more advance stage than the Russian MIG Reminds me a spanish refrain, "quien mucho abarca, poco aprieta" (do not bite off more than you can chew)
  5. MIG-23 release 2023, MIG-25 in 2025, I cant even think in the MIG-31 or 57 ufff!
  6. Amazing interview with the Czech pilot! thanks for the video!
  7. Yeah is slow, looks like Star Citizen will be finished first!
  8. Это версия МИГ-23МЛА, да, это перехватчик, неизвестно, когда он будет завершен, пока мы видели только часть внешней модели, а не кабину пилота.
  9. Находится в очереди работы RAZBAM, не знаю, в какой позиции
  10. Looks like the video thread guys dont like the discussion about MIG-23, I dont know what kind of fans they are.
  11. That's wrong, Cuba always had the same MIG-23 version of the former East Germany (several MIG-23 in Angola were brought from the USSR directly to Angola, other came from Cuba), even the MIG-29A in Cuba, is not the export version of Iraq and Serbia.
  12. The radar was really bad in the MIG-23, I remember when the pilots in Cuba who fought in Angola, told me that they never saw a sh** in the radar, that sometimes the target appeared and dissapeared inmediately, before they can lock or launch a R-23.
  13. It seems that the mig 23 has been left further behind in the row of projects, please someone wake me up when there is a pic of the finished cockpit.
  14. =LoneWolf= RuSh - JF-17 Blue team
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