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  1. Perso je suis au delà de 90 FPS en vol solitaire, et même sur la mission de dogfight, je n'ai pas vue de soucis particulier de FPS, j'ai une 1070 et un Core I5 avec 16Go, DCS sur SSD.
  2. Salut Quelqu'un sait pourquoi le DL est si lent? J'ai fait un setup complet de la 2.1 et là, ça DL les mods depuis ce matin 7h, 21,5 Go, pour FC3, M2000, P51D, Spit et NTTR, et je n'en suis qu'à 49% de DL après près de 13h, c'est incensé, quand on voit que je DL les 30Go de Star Citizen en 3h, ça fout un peux les boules
  3. OK, and is it possible to change that? Pointing to an good server?
  4. Hi, Nothing works for me, all or new updater admin or not nothing change, not able to update, location Paris France, 6pm French tilme
  5. Yes I know that, and it is not a problem for me, I have plety of games to deal with until June :)
  6. Ah, too bad... So, Will wait to have Normandy then. Thanks for your help
  7. OK, I get it for planes, but isit possible to install caucasus map on DCS 2? And I have 1.5, I just preparing the bed for Normandy map :)
  8. Ah, perfect thanks a lot :) Edit : Hum...I have dowloaded DCS 2 and install FC3 on it, but it says I need to buy a map...Ok, fine, but is buying a map (in this case the Normandy one) will aloow me to do the FC3 campaign?
  9. Hi I wish to buy the new normandy map for DCS, but I have 2questions first: -Do I need the NTTR maps to have DCS to work or Normandy map will be enough? -Could I install FC3 moducles in DCS 2.0 and will it work? That's it.
  10. Hi This soft seems wonderfull. Is it compatible with FC3 planes?
  11. poor you, Je compatis...Vive la liberté!
  12. Pseudo from a guys that try to gather french comunity. My org is Omega Protectorat. I prefer to play with French, I speak and write English enough at work :) Else, did youbelong to a squdron for DCS, because I will like to fly with people, but seeing the lot of servers, I don't know how and which to join. For now, I have Flamming Cliff 3 planes only
  13. Because it is easy, more then TS I find, and it exist the Dark Killer one that try to gather french comunity, and it is boring to write english with a French as me :)
  14. ah, ok, then yes, my handle is the same as my user name here, and no, I'm not just doing AC...But I'm not a lot on SC forums too, but as a french guy, perhaps you are on Citizen news discord, no?
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