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  1. To give you what really happened that night, I would know, I used to work on them myself, sweet aircraft to work on. Just a pain in the rear to get to any panel due to the coating. That night we lost that F-117a, was not due to the enemy tweaking there wavelengths as you say, it was due to a malfunction on the aircraft itself. After the pilot dropped his bombs, one of the bomb doors failed to close, that itself made the aircraft light up like a X-mas tree on enemy radar, and that's the only reason that the aircraft was shot down. Also, for the reason why they retired the aircraft, its not because they are not stealth or not invisible. It was due to the age of the aircraft, these F-117a were never designed for a long term aircraft. Their air frame hours life was about 4000 hours I think, but was extended over and over due to the need for the aircraft, and the other reason for its retirement was due to the cost to fly them was expensive. But the 5 years I worked on them was some of the coolest years in my career.
  2. I would love to win this as I never win anything. This would actually help me with my back injury and using this would almost be a physical therapy exercise with the rudder peddles movements, as I have a damaged nerve in my lower back that goes to my left leg. Using the rudder peddles would allow me to use my legs more and help break the scar tissue off my left S1 nerve root. Plus, my X-55 controller just crapped out on me and I am unable to purchase another one and I am out of warranty.
  3. You may be correct about HTC having to support this, but doesn't it make since that ED make this work. All they would have to do is let the VR zoom be allowed to be set as a axis function, have it alter where the HMD was located in game, of have the game report that the HMD had move forward even if the HMD didn't more an inch. No, I have tinkered with a little programming, this is easily said then it is done with programming it into the game. But they should be able to piggyback onto how they got the Oculus Rift to work. I know they are completely different headsets, but some of the programming has to have some similarities. I like that we have people in here that are giving suggestions to see if theirs may work. I truly thank all of you. But lets not give up on this. Lets continue to work on this as a team and maybe we can solve this for ED ourselves.
  4. I was so frustrated with this not working in VR Mode, I didnt even think to try and it without VR. I think someone else here did get it to work but only when he did have his VR running
  5. I have tried to get this mod to work with the HTC Vive with ZERO luck. Anything special I have to do to get this working. I used the Generic Mod Enabler to install the mod. Looked at the instructions and I should just have to press the arrows to get the correct zoom to work, but nope, still not working at all. Please Help
  6. The thing is, I am not an Oculus Rift User as I stated in my OP. I am a HTC Vive user. So how is the Oculus SDK going to help me? Is there a way to use the Oculus SDK with the Vive to get the VR Zoom Function to work?
  7. Has anyone HTC VIVE users figured out how to get this VR Zoom deal to work, because I haven't. I have looked everywhere and nothing. It seems that ED only cares about the Oculus Rift when it comes to getting their gear running. To me, this is a must have function. For all the Oculus Rift players out there, no the VR Zoom does not work if you own an HTC Vive. So no need to say that you don't have any problems with the function. Also, this last update was junk, totally made the game unplayable period, I had to go back a an update just to be able to play the darn game. So if any HTC Vive owners know how to get that VR Zoom function to work. Please tell as I know there are a lot of us that would love to have this working. For ED, if you haven't already been working to get this working, please do. Its a game changer for a lot of players!!
  8. Hansangb, How did you get it to work then? Because I have tried over and over to get it to work, and still it does not
  9. Well, someone needs to come up with a way to get this to work with the HTC Vive. This just pisses me off when they say its HTC Vive and Oculus Rift compatible.
  10. When does ED plan on giving the HTC Vive owner some love. I keep seeing fixing Oculus rift this a that. Right now, DCS World 2.0 is unplayable due to the VR ZOOM that does not work with the Vive at all. Tried every thing to get it to work. Also, you cant even assign VR ZOOM to a axis. WTF REALLY, how about fixing this. It should be simple to do. I bought the VIVE and Video card mainly so I could play this game. Its a awesome game and I have spent a good deal of money on it. But this lack of support is upsetting. Steam shows this game Vive and Oculus ready, when really, it is still filled with bugs. Dont get me wrong, I love this game. I want to play it with my new Vive so very badly, but at its current state, thats a no go without that VR Zoom function!!
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