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  1. The Mirage was one of my favorite from the beginning and now it is my favorite, everything I wished for You guys did a great job Marc..
  2. Yes Ramsay, that's what I wanted and yes Hud only view is expected to be used for my Harrier front panel Thanks a bunch Marc..
  3. Thanks for the feedback, so there's no way unless you have two screen? Marc..
  4. To get rid of the mfd's Thanks, Marc..
  5. M-2000-C is a very good choice, easy to learn and once you do, you can not touch it for a month and go back at it like you never miss a beat Marc..
  6. Stable here but appreciate people using OB Marc..
  7. I guys!! I just built a budget gaming pc with a B450M-HDV R4.0 motherboard, Ryzen 3 3100 cpu and a Radeon RX 580 8gb, I installed the latest driver but they don't do well with DCS, I tried older ones too but same thing, colorful checkerboard or the game does not respond to anything, so I have to ctrl-alt-del. I knew what I was getting in to, judging from reviews of users of AMD GPU's and problem with drivers. I decided to see for my self. First time I use a AMD GPU So which driver are you using? Thanks, Marc..
  8. Learn some every day Thanks guys Marc..
  9. Ok this is weird, I tried a campaign, it works like it supposed too just with \, never tried the campaign before until I would fix the problem, went back to a mission I made in mission editor, I first tried RALT+\ nothing, RCTRL+\ nothing, and that is when I first get in the plane, then I tried \ and it works and in all scenarios, weird Thanks guys :cool: Marc..
  10. Thanks a bunch, will continue to investigate Marc..
  11. Can someone do me a favor, do a test with the engine off, throttle not quite in the idle position and try to have the chocks remove Thanks, Marc..
  12. That's the problem I have, even with the engine off I can't have them removed Thanks Marc..
  13. Should I be able to remove the chocks when the engine is not running? Marc..
  14. Yup!! Parking brakes on Marc..
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