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  1. Thanks Hollywood_315, I was under the false impression that there was an update for both AIRIO and CHATTER .dll's. They are both current (2.5.1, 2.5.2), I must have misunderstood the VoiceAttack auto-update pop-up dialog.
  2. @Hollywood_315 I have a small problem regarding the VAICOM auto-update via VoiceAttack. VoiceAttack will not execute an update query for either AIRIO or CHATTER once VAICOMPRO has been updated. And, while VAICOMPRO has an updated download link via the Downloads - VAICOM PRO page, both the AIRIO and CHATTER download links have yet to be updated. I've attempted to circumvent this problem by downloading a previous version of VAICOMPRO and initiating an auto-update via VoiceAttack, but VoiceAttack will just crash, preventing AIRIO and CHATTER from updating, likely due to support for AIRIO. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  3. Here's a weird problem I've been dealing with. I'm using a new Input folder for v1.5 (OB), and creating a (single) Fast Mission, everything works fine, all hotkeys and axis function properly. If I join a multiplayer mission w/ an A-10A slot, however, only half of the hotkeys work and ground steering is non functional. If I join the same mission in an F-15C, everything works fine. I've asked other pilots to jump into the same A-10A slot, and I'm the only one that has any problems. Again, everything works fine, unless I join a multi-player mission in an A-10A. I would have concluded that it was maybe the mission that was bugged, but I'm the only one w/ any problems, and joining the same mission in a different ship doesn't exhibit any problems. Any thoughts?
  4. KlarSnow and myself had an awesome time on the server tonight flyin' A-10A's 1 - 2. We spent most of our time over WP3, but we're still just practicing our formation and attack techniques. When we jump in again over the weekend we plan to hit WP3, RTB, and move on to the main objective. Sorry if we seemed quiet over Ventrilo, but we use the SimHQ TS2 Server for inner-flight communication, which worked out well as we would have saturated the Ventrilo channel otherwise. The communication between the F-15C's over Ventrilo definitely added atmosphere to the mission though!
  5. OK, thank you for the clarification Grimes. I figured that the F-15C had either mistaken us for the MiG-29 or that the slammer intended for the MiG-29 went rogue. Great server BTW. Both KlarSnow and myself are new to flyin' LOMAC online and the mission ("Capture Maykop") was very easy to understand!
  6. Myself and KlarSnow from SimHQ joined up tonight as Blue A-10A 1 - 2 and A-10A 4 - 5. We're usin the SimHQ TS2 FC2 channel, but we plan to install Ventrilo before we join up again in the future. There was a Blue on Blue just before we left when an F-15C shot down KlarSnow @ WP3 during our attack run, and I figured it was because the F-15C had mistaken us for the MiG-29 that was spikin' us near the same WP? Can anyone clarify or confirm my assumption, or was it something completely different?
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