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  1. Hi, I'm just curious to see the setup from other people they like Flight sim Me i just got all my stuff and i just finish my setup(everything is new in the picture except the monitor) my setup is for 2 different flight sim, ( DCS 2.5 and the other for X-Plane) the only problem is my chair i use can't have rail and is just a little tricky to seat inside and get out here we go
  2. thanks for all the help i found something in my price range and is on the way the first pic will be my main frame base with the seat second pic is the adds-on for flight sim option for the the stick and the throttle(Thrustmaster warhog stick and throttle) and i will use the top to put my other controller for my other flight sim (my yoke and throttle)
  3. first i don't know if I'm a the right place, but i'm starting to look at a good gaming chair that i can put some add-on. I ask this because i just receive my rudder pedal (ch product) and my Thrustmaster warthog hotas kit. I'm looking at budget kit and not something that go over 500$ or 600$ in Canadian currency and of course something that don't take a lot off room. thanks again and sorry for my poor English. I'm waiting after you suggestion or some DIY too.
  4. I don't know if he can help you but i see this discution here https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=66316 and go down to #9
  5. is over a years i try to get a VKB but every time they are sold out and the vkb in america(canada) we can't do pre-order.. but i will use my stick with the Virpil (VPC MongoosT-50 Base).
  6. I just order my new hotas :joystick: thrustmaster hotas warthog flight stick and throttle I was tired to wait after VKB to get one :smilewink: i will get it in 1 week
  7. yes but waiting over a years is long why you don't take pre-order on the vkb in USA and CANADA because i'm starting to looking to get another brand like VIRPIL.
  8. to AeroGator Hi, i would like know if i buy from the Russia web store and i ask to ship to Canada do you think is possible. i ask this is just because on the web store they have it in stock. thanks
  9. when you go now on there website from rusia they have it in stock. just want to know if i can order from rusia and send to canada
  10. same for me. it will be great if we can pre-order, because now i'm starting to look at Virpil
  11. simus

    which one

    Hi, i would like which one is better for the rudder pedals the CH Products Rudder Pro Pedals or the saitek rudder pedals thanks
  12. again and again they push the date for the sale. I would like to know if i can order direct from russia to get the GunFighter MK.II thanks
  13. short story i bought the Cobra V5 hotas kit(because my old saitek x52 doesn't want to stay calibre and the setup was a nightmare)and for VKB for the momment they are out of stock but the stick i'm looking is the Gunfighter Mk.II with the MCG PRO grip but until VKB didn't release the throttle yet i will wait and for Virpil the payment method doesn't work for canadien. the thrustmaster T.16000M Hotas was feel cheap in my hand and the stick look like a toy. the other one Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick Pack was not the price that stop me but the bad review. the Cobra V5 hotas kit work like a charm and the setup is easy to do in DCS and i event make for the first time a landing on a aircraft carrier and i did with the first attempt with no problem. i wll see with the time but for the momment until VKB release the throttle i will play with my new hotas system
  14. what do you think about this one Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick Pack (http://www.thrustmaster.com/products/hotas-warthog) I know is a little bite expensive but look very solid and is metal and not cheap plastic
  15. Hi, I need help to choose a new hotas system. Now i have since 2008 saitek x52 but is hard to configure. Now I'm looking for a new one. but is hard to choose, i look at the x52 pro but i'm afraid to have the same probleme to setup and i look at the x56 rhinos but I'm not sure i look at the CH Flight stick/Throttle and the last one is a copy of the cobra m5 is the Cobra V5 the the throttle here the link for the cobra V5 (https://www.tomauri.com/products/cobra-v5-hotas-flight-simulation-combo) but it look like they do not have software to setup. thanks again and sorry for my english.
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