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  1. yes... Its not the problem with game itself. Updater throws me and error after downlaoding everything and "disconnecting from the swarm"
  2. OS is up to date and drivers, i've installed steam version and it works just fine...
  3. Hello! I've cleaned my computer(fresh installation). Now i am installing dcs and installation keeps stopping in same moment. I've only get popup window with "D:\DCS World\_downloads\bin/D3DCompiler_47.dll: (5) Odmowa dostępu." Odmowa dostępu = no rights to access Any tips how fix the problem?
  4. U must be joking with development updates, every friday... Or u didn't read thread.
  5. Constant updates of the progress...
  6. Normandy is stopping 2.5, aicraftcarriers, caucas map etc. It's not stopping Hornet? Well then u see the work then! Tell us the COMMUNITY how they doing in mentioned things?
  7. Well its true read weekend update news. Well Sir u dont read updates then and u didnt seen any information.They were working parallel normandy/nttr/caucas and dcs 2.5. They even show screenshots etc. But in Nomvember 2016 they said that sorry we cannot finish it until end of 2016. (2 months isn't much) Soooo we have now 5 months during that time and still no updates since then. There were posting updates only about Normandy. They move they workhours from caucas and dcs 2.5 to normandy. otherwise we would have atm caucas map and 2.5 Ridiculous but true. Moved manpower delayed other things. - Aircraft carriers with full model even inside walking - Caucas map(much improved) - DCS 2.5 - improved and higher resolution textures and elevation mesh, improved trees, higher density of ground objects, improved lighting and shadowing, terrain projected shadows, procedural grass - improved trees Thats gone for maybe next year. Bc moved manpower to other projects
  8. Normandy delayed 2.5 version, improved cacaus map, aircraft carriers, hornet and everything lese. Thx NORMANDY
  9. Fly f15c or other western jet on dirt runway xD and cross map in 15 minutes or less. Thats good example of SIMULATION offered by ED
  10. Yes... I can fly on map with jets where 3/4 of terrain is just water. The map measures 267 x 348 kilometers, ground airfield or they are to short. You can fly over whole map in just 15 minutes. That's perfect map for jets...
  11. U won't have stable 2.5 because they are working on WW2 modules all the time. You can't use your fancy jet's on Normandy map or boring open nevada map.
  12. I've done some research then... First they say that at maybe end of 2016 we will have integrated version 1.5 and 2.0 with 2 maps... They are working on aircraftcarriers! Detailed fancy etc. I can even walk inside the ships. They still focus on integration of 1.5 and 2.0 thats cool! In PARALLEL they will continue progress on 2 maps, F/A-18C!!! and much more... Their MAIN GOAL is DCS World 2.5! Amazing and improved map Cacasus. And its still arrive in 2016. AMAZING! What O.o 2016 in news covered that its coming out also 2 high detail aircraft carriers, f/a-18c, improved caucas map? So change of mind to finish first normandy and spitfire first?! WTH? Can sb explain me this? They almost finished dcs world 2.5,improved caucasus map(the best map in game, the most used one) and they just drop it for normandy map(3/4 of the map is WATER)? Oh... It's almost end of the MARCH 2017 :) Still no update about 2.5, caucas map etc. etc.
  13. Any quote/link to official statement? It sound like Star Citizen we will do this, then this and this... Oh and this! Still no game released ;) If you know what i mean. Would be nice to get answer from community manager or sb from the team, whats the progress on this things.
  14. Its laptop dont expect efficiciency of PC in such tiny case. Remember there is problem with heat dissipation. Almost all notebooks after playing to long or playing demanding titles are adjusting clock speeds to not overheat. Your CPU is 5 years old. So dont expect to much from it. The problem is also the graphic card... Its Radeon and their memory is basicly your RAM. The speed of graphic card is limited by your RAM. In most notebooks RAM is slow, low voltage. U can't by pass it. They are made to be mobile and alow you to play something. So in general... It's old notebook with outdated hardware. It would be impossible to pull out more than 30 i think. Tips: 1. CLean registry 2. Stop programms running in background 3. Clean fan system 4. Replace thermalcompund on gpu/cpu 5. Turn fancyfeatures off.
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