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  1. Question for the shader experts out there. Is this mod compatible with this Reshade mod? https://github.com/fholger/reshade/releases/tag/openvr_alpha2 Thanks in advance!
  2. I seem to recall reading that part of the ejection sequence includes tightening of the straps to position the pilot correctly, but I may be remembering it wrong.
  3. I agree with this totally as I have the Index and G2 as well. I agree with this as well as I have the Index and G2.
  4. GIJoe

    RIFT S for Sale

    Used Rift S for sale. In very good condition with brand new headband. Asking $450.00 plus shipping. Prefer PayPal but willing to look at other electronic options for payment. If this doesn't sell here fairly quickly, will probably list it on FleaBay. Thanks for looking!! UPDATE: Sold on eBay in 30 minutes.
  5. I had the same issue on my Rift S the last time I fired it up (about a month ago, since I am in the middle of a move). Regular stutters approximately 20-30 secs apart. All drivers and Oculus software up to date. I tried the beta branch of Oculus as well with no change. Slowly getting my PC back up and running, so I will provide updates if I have any. Also, my Index is supposed to arrive today, so here is hoping for a better experience there.
  6. Which GPU driver are you currently on? I am experiencing a similar issue that raised its head last Fall and is back. My initial fix involved switching USB 3.0 ports as discussed in this thread https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=246832. The 1 to 2 sec stutters are back and switching ports does not correct the problem this time. I am working up a detailed trouble ticket and will post my trouble shooting steps and computer specs up to a separate thread to see if anyone else is seeing this issue.
  7. Got it! Will look at my room lighting and such. Appreciate the feedback.
  8. I have been testing Quest and the Link option over the holidays. I already own a Rift S, so that was my comparison headset. Everything appears to run well, although I still feel the Rift has the edge in clarity. Probably just my subjective opinion. One issue I noticed and wondered if others had similar findings. With Quest in DCS, my head position seems to “swim” around in the cockpit as I get close to the canopy. Almost as if the guardian feature is having some effect. The visual is that the cockpit appears to move away from you as you near the canopy on any side. Hopefully I am explaining that well enough. This does not happen in the Rift. I can move my head right up to the glass in the Rift and the cockpit stays in the same position. Anyone else seeing this in the Quest?
  9. Ahhhh... yep, VA/VP is running. Will test today without it running and report back. Edit: Confirmed! With VA/VP not running, menu shows at the top as before and not truncated. With VA/VP on, truncated menu at the bottom. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. For me, in VR the overall score at the bottom is cut off. Others have reported cut off text in menus as well. Happened in one of the last OB updates. Not sure VA is involved?!?
  11. My apologies to all. After further troubleshooting, I went back to the basics and started looking at mods I had running. Turns out my mod to fix the VR menu cut off was the culprit. It modifies the CommandDialogsPanel lua file and removing that mod resorted all functionality. Glad I got VAICOM back, but now I can't see the whole menu text in VR again. I primarily need it to see my scores in Bankler's CASE 1 tutorial. Oh well. Hopefully, ED will fix this issue or give us options to adjust the text size to less than 1. Thank you to everyone who tried to help me!
  12. It does not, which mirrors the symptom of the export.lua file issue mentioned in the video posted here. I tried those steps suggested and nothing has worked so far. Maybe I need to do a manual .lua install? Edit: I forgot to add I have restarted all applications numerous times, along with several reboots. No joy.
  13. I tried all the suggestions. Path is correct. VA running as admin. Target set correctly. How do I revert back to 1.7.7? I can't seem to find the previous version.
  14. Appreciate the response! Tried this and the set custom DCS path. No joy.
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