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  1. I hope so too, the full scan is clear, but I think I will give the Beta a miss for a bit :)
  2. Am running a full scan, and have read the posts on false positives and the DRM,but as it has not occurred to me before I decided to report it rather than just whitelist it
  3. Hi I just updated to the latest Beta and BitDefender Flagged the F14 flight model with a trojan and quarantined it. any thoughts? :(:( NB not a new install have had f14 since release no issues and nothing else flagged
  4. Have just flown Nevada instant action for 1 hour, and no CTD at all. looking good
  5. Morning, yesterday installed the latest Hotfix then Loaded up Nevada instant action Constant Peg, and it ran for about 10 minutes of combat before it Crashed To Desktop,which was a bit sad :) But here is the weird thing, I had not muted Jester and have been flying out from Nellis for hours all this week, Air to Air refuelled, used Jester to lock the KC 130 on Radar, change TACAN etc and no trouble at all??? :) I am getting 90 to 100 FPS (10 FPS ish better since I cleared the FX and metashaders files, that was a really good hint!!) Still love flying the F14, and its really good to have to do more A to A refuelling, but as yet no combat for me :( :)
  6. Am so glad you have found the problem, as I was starting to feel like a toddler who had lost his best toy!!! looking forward to the hot fix :)
  7. It definitely causes an Event 1000 Application Error for me, WorldGeneral.dll
  8. Hi Mike, I have a Windows error report from the event viewer if that would help, (but I am not sure if there are any security implications by putting it up on line.) other than that neither of my CTDs occurred at the same time, but as i was in a dogfight at the time it is difficult to say if one particular action caused it. I will test it again tomorrow :)
  9. Had two CTDs out of two flights (Nevada Instant action 3rd Generation) Prior to latest update the Tomcat was performing very well. No Logs created, DCS shut down instantly to windows (Win 10 64BIT )
  10. Hi Hollywood, I have just purchased Vaicom Pro and having installed it (window 10) DCS World + Open Beta on a separate SSD. Initially having played with voice attack and been happy that it worked, I got VAICOM and it also to appeared to work, but having set up PTT I had no ground Comms, I could "talk"to my AI wingman but Voice Attack recognised my commands but reported a purple dot (awaiting additional input) Also using the JTAC it appeared not to reply with the Nine Line, but printed it out on the Voice Attack Display?? I have been though the voice training and apart from French names it appears to be happy with my BBC English!! So what have I missed/miss installed? is it possible to uninstall and do a clean install? Cheers
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