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  1. grafspee's post in Guns won't fire in custom mission was marked as the answer   
    Try switch gun safety.
  2. grafspee's post in Controlling R and L Brakes with CH Pro Pedals was marked as the answer   
    In axis tab, it should be called left/right brake, then you probably need to invert axis, sometimes it act opposite by default. 
  3. grafspee's post in Engine Quit was marked as the answer   
    Watch your oil temp, but for high power settings you will always need oil cooler wide open, especially in climb
  4. grafspee's post in External fuel selection while on the ground was marked as the answer   
    Correct as it is, external tanks often are pressurized by engine's supercharger, at low engine rpm you have no boost from supercharger so nothing is pushing fuel out of external tank.
    Take off at Main tank, once you get to safe alt switch to external, if you have aux tank filled up bur it first, P-47 flies very unstable with aux tank full.
  5. grafspee's post in Radiator switches HOTAS control bug was marked as the answer   
    Looks like mouse is bugged.
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