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  1. I have downloaded several multiplayer missions from the user files. I load them onto my server and start the server up. When a friend tries to load up the mission on my server, it will not load for him. All he gets is the loading screen with no progress bar. We have tried several user file missions with different maps and the same thing happens. Does anyone know the reason why this is happening?
  2. No, it does not seem to be module specific. I tried another module and it did the same thing. I do have TARGET software, but it does not show the rudder pedals. Only the WartHog and Throttle. What could this mean? The toe brake axis' setup correctly, oddly enough. It's just the rudder axis. Would rudder pedals have firmware? I updated the firmware not too long ago with I added the TDC mod to my throttle.
  3. Just today noticed that I could not taxi; my rudder pedals weren't working properly. I was constantly pulling to one side and or not able to steer in any functional way. I went into the controls and reassigned the rudder axis thinking that this would fix it. When I cleared the axis and let DCS reassign it, it assigns the Rudder axis to Joy_Slider1. This is the wrong axis because it does not allow the inputs to re-center when I let off the rudders. The input just stays to one side or the other: Here are the things that I have tried: 1. Checked that there was no double assignment of the axis somewhere else. There was none. 2. Deleted the DCSOpenbeta folder in Saved Games, thinking that it will rebuild the folder and fix the issue. No luck, same assignment. 3. Downloaded the latest TM TFRP drivers. Restarted the computer and the same axis was assigned. 4. Tried another module, and the axis that was assigned was the Joy_RZ axis, but it did not show inputs when I would work the pedals. When I would clear the axis and let DCS reassign it, Joy_Slider1 would be assigned instead of Joy_RZ. I even forced the Joy_RZ axis and Joy_Z axis assignments and there is no response from the rudder pedals when I work them. 5. Mechanically, the pedals look like they are in good working order. Nothing looks broken. Thing that I have noticed as odd: The Rudder Pedal column in the Axis Controls menu is label T-Pedals. Looking online, this column is labeled "Rudder Pedals" or "T- Rudder". What could be the problem?
  4. I checked my binds and had both the trigger detent and trigger mapped for the trigger. That is probably the issue. Thanks. I am now trying to find the binds to switch radar contacts so I can put them on my stick instead of going thru Jester. I it done on a video, but I can't find the binds in the pilot or RIO binds. Any ideas?
  5. I am flying the Zone 5 Campaign and noticed that when I fired a sidewinder, 2 would come off the rails. Went back to the Air-to-Air training mission and the same thing happens. I am hitting the SEAM-cage function to lock up the bandit before I shoot. Could this have something to do with it? Or is this a bug in the latest update?
  6. I have an RX 6800XT paired with a i9-9900K and TrackIR. I saw great improvement in my FPS, but I don't have VR either which loads the system down. My issue was a frame rate stutter which I finally figured out to be my monitor refresh rate (60 Hz) and GPU frame rate clashing. I found that if I adjust my GPU FPS to just shy of 60 (say, 59), the stutter disappeared. May not be the same issue you are having, but it was the bain of my existence for a long time.
  7. Squadron Name: 141st/SPQR Discord ID on MVP Discord: Ouseler 141st Contact person Discord ID: Ouseler 141st Aircraft Selection. F-18C Pilots: USA - Ouseler 141st
  8. Hey Bailey, I got the F-18C.vax to load finally. Don't why it loads now and not yesterday. Anyway, I was going through the commands and noticed, for example, when I spoke "Active Pause", the software recognizes the command with a green box, but then brings up the Voiceattack Manual.pdf. Other commands, evoke similar reactions to the Voiceattack manual or Internet Explorer or other software. Do you know what could be causing this?
  9. The F-18C Profile is a .vax file and the program will not pick it up to import into voiceattack. However, I have a F-16C profile that is a .vap file and the program picks it up just fine. Why the different file extensions and how can I load the F-18C profile?
  10. For those of you who have been on the forum for a whole and have seen my past posts asking for advise and help and a Frame Rate pause or stutter that has been the bain of my existence. Initially, I noticed it with A-10C. You are either on the ground taxiing out, where I saw it the most, or in the air down low, the stutters would come into play. At the time, my system was an i5-6600K, GTX 1080, 32GB RAM, SSD drive with TrackIR 5 configuration. Hoping that more power would burn through the problem, I gutted my old system and rebuild it into a i9-9900K, RX 6800 XT, 32GB, SSD drive with TrackIR 5 configuration. But to no avail. The stutter was still there, though not quite as bad. Then I upgraded further to a EVO 970 PLUS NVMe 1 TB drive and installed a Win 10 to the drive and also did a clean install of DCS to the NVMe drive. And VOILA, the game was like BUTTA!, at least for a day. Then the problem returned AGAIN!! But this time, I noticed something. I would see a frame drop every 10 seconds; like clockwork. And therein was the answer. My "monitor" is a 4K 40" TV with a refresh rate of 60Hz. I set my GPU to max rate at 60 Hz, thinking that would synch the two and for a while it seemed to. So I started playing around the full screen and vsync options and notice that when vsync was on, the 10 sec stutter stopped, but the motion when moving my head was rough and not the butterly smoothness I wanted. I turned off vsync and the 10 sec stutter returned. At least, I was starting the isolate the issue. Then I started to mess around with the MAX frame rate setting in the GPU (which was set to 60 Hz). With vsync off moving the GPU MAX frame rate setting even 2 Hz off 60 hz, the stutter stopped, but the butterly smoothness was still there for the most part. Mission accomplished. Now all I need is a higher refresh rate monitor and I may have the frame rate display that I have been looking for. I hope this helps someone!
  11. The M2000C module has been out for a long time and it's still not complete? Have you heard when it is expected to be completed or is it open-ended?
  12. I just bought a Samsung EVO 970 1TB drive. It has not arrived yet, but my hope is that it will help with "ticks" and quick freezes that I get in DCS. When that happens, the activity light on my SSD drive lights up like it is having to "go to the well" too often. I recently rebuilt my whole system with Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro mobo, I9-9900K CPU, 32GB low latency RAM, AMD 6800 XT GPU, my drives are a PNY 480GB SSD (current boot drive) and a 1 TB Western Digital FireCuda (DCS location). Again, I hope to jump in speed will help my issues. So far, the SSDs and other hardware have not affected my problem.
  13. Hey Bailey, I love your profiles and prefer them over others I have tried. Are thinking about doing one for the M2000C?
  14. Growling Sidewinder is who I am training with, but he is not always available when I am and suggested that regularly training with real humans would be my next step. When I get on the Growling Sidewinder Open Conflict Server, I get my butt kicked. There are just too many enemies and chaos going on and I need some 1 V 1 time.
  15. Does anyone know if there is a server for BVR training? I have been looking around and am only finding servers for squadrons and flying missions. I am really wanting to up my game and my trainer says I have progressed past AI opponents and need to start flying against real folks to to further hone my skills. Any thoughts?
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