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  1. this is a minor niggle but I noticed the wheels sinking into the carrier in the quick mission where you start on the CV
  2. My napalm doesn't explode, I've got master arm on, nose and tail armed...they drop but don't explode
  3. when I hit 'fly', there are 2 F-15s sitting in the same space, the ejection seat fires and both aircraft go up in flames bravo!
  4. the mission opens with no a/c any way to fix this or do I just add the a/c back?
  5. I know I've seen it in training missions but now, nothing...numlock is off, caps are off tried remapping it wth
  6. even under default (\) I can't get the radio comms to appear
  7. I'll be damned if I can even figure out how to get a Sidewinder to come off the rail. Wish these DCS sims, which are awesome, weren't so difficult to get into.
  8. It's the Su-25T, which was why I was posting in this forum. Just trying to do a simple 'create fast mission' but it appears to have straightened itself out, I was able to get in the bird. tks for the fast response
  9. I deleted all of my mouse button options but still can't get in the bird.
  10. Had a virus and had to wipe the HD clean... any way to get another d/l of Flaming Cliffs w/o paying for it? tks!
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