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  1. Finished, files uploaded, stand for approval. :)
  2. Soon, but no delivery date for the moment. I have to finish the Kuwait liveries to complete the mod "Mirage F1 in the persian Gulf". ;)
  3. Search "template f1 ada mod" on google, it's the same. ;) Edit:
  4. Iriaf Skin WIP. Maybe out before the end of the week.
  5. Cool, I start a series of iranian camo now for the F-1EQ (not the same model but...)! Have you adapt the possibility to change immat on the body (with a separate file)? Or it's embed on skin?
  6. hello, yes, it's a joke for the 1st april. ;) Check-six not edited magazine but the joke worked very well on C6. :D All is false, the screen is a 1.1 screen with the current ka-50. Sorry. ;) Oxitom, Co-webmaster of Lock-on section on c6.
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