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  1. Hello, Not sure if this is just a stupid oversight on my part but it won't let me click the buttons, switches, handles in the cockpit. I just get the yellow + sign and when I roll over the various knobs and switches it doesn't turn green.. am I missing something or is this a bug?
  2. Same for me. Never had any issue before this latest update. Just tried the repair DCS tool. Hoepfully this helps.
  3. Also the most fun i've had with any module in VR. Level of detail and immersion is absolutely off da hook!:thumbup:
  4. Morning all, Anyone got a bindings they can share with us? I've tried to do what I can last night but I'm such a noob I don't know what are the essential binds to have on the HOTAS. Thanks.
  5. I can't seem to click any switches/buttons in the cockpit. The yellow cursor doesn't change to green or anything. Help!?!?:huh:
  6. Hey guys, So, I know that this will probably be frowned upon but I've found an easy way to stay stable during AAR. As I get in close, I engage the autopilot and when I give it small stick movements, the plane will respond but very minutely. Dunno, just an easy work around and I recommend it to those having trouble with AAR. I've been able to top off my jet everytime.
  7. Hey guys, Just a general question: From what I've seen in the early build videos, etc. the tomcat can carry up to 12 MK-82s under the fuselage, but looks like it can only carry 4 phoenix missles or 4 sparrows. I would like to think that if it can carry 12 x 500 LBS GP bombs, it should be able to carry more A2A ordinance with the appropriate racks. Any ideas as to why this is the case?
  8. That's a great idea but I don't have facebook... :/
  9. After watching the latest trailer, the music reminds of the Sega arcade game Afterburner. It would be awesome if somehow Meteor could get the rights to the Afterburner game medley and put their own interpretation of it. That would make my day... Below is the link to the song with F-14 pics as the backdrop. It is pretty badass and gets you pumped up.
  10. Nope..speedbrakes not deployed. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, will definitely try going to half first then full flaps below 150
  11. Huge Pitch Up When Setting Full Flaps I'm not sure if my thrust is too much or my speed is too high, about 200-250 IAS, but during the upwind leg on carrier case 1 landing, I get a huge pitch up in the aircraft as soon as I set full flaps and I end up gaining about 1,000 ft. before stabilizing the E bracket with the VV. I've tried looking on youtube for some tips but I'm still struggling. I guess just keep practicing.....?
  12. I didn't have any curves assigned when I used my Hotas X. I looked through the Chuck's guides and I noticed that he didn't have any curves or deadzones set for thrust. I guess I should just adjust the resistance of the throttle
  13. Good day, I just recently upgraded my HOTAS from the TM Hotas X to the T16000. All I can say is this T16000 is a great joystick. I would have wanted to get the Warthog but such is life. I was wondering if anyone here has any feedback about their throttle curves and/or deadzones set in DCS. I currently have throttle set to default settings. I'm having some trouble in particular finding the sweet spot during carrier landings. Also, has anyone tweaked with the rail resistance? I'm thinking maybe I should loosen that as well. Thanks!
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