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  1. Announcing Tacview's SUMMER SALE 2022: 40% off Tacview Standard and Advanced from June 23rd to July 7th. https://tacview.net/purchase/ To upgrade from Tacview Standard to Tacview Advanced at an equivalent discount, please contact us at support@tacview.net Happy flying! https://tacview.net/purchase/
  2. Sure we will take a look at this and add an option if feasible.
  3. Hi, This is the kind of thing that we encourage users to calculate themselves in Excel (for example) using the exported data - the export feature is there so you can create your own custom reporting.
  4. Hi, Static objects are for display only, so they are not selectable. Adding an object or waypoint from within Tacview is the right idea. To avoid having to painstakingly add it each time you load a new file, you can create a mini ACMI file containing the waypoint, and load it at the same time as you are loading your file, using the File->Merge functionality. I have attached such a mini acmi file as an example. mini-acmi-waypoint-example.txt.acmi
  5. Hi, we will consider this for Tacview 2.0!
  6. Hi, I just tried this myself, launching a mission in Marianas with mission date and time of 21-JUNE 8h00 . Tacview showed a UTC time of 22h00 on 20-JUNE, so using a time offset of UTC + 10 brought me to 8h00 on 21-JUNE as expected. Can you share a mission file which is not working properly for you?
  7. Hi, it's the mission time from the simulator, but in Zulu. Optionally, you may change the time offset to match the time zone of the area where the mission is taking place. For example if you are flying the Caucasus map, put Time Offset -> UTC + 4
  8. With Tacview 1.8.8 beta 5 ( https://tacview.net/download/beta/ ) you can now customize colors. I have made a small wiki page describing how to do so: https://tacview.fandom.com/wiki/Customize_object_colors You will want to customize the "Destroyed" color. Maybe to black instead of grey?
  9. Hi, thanks for reporting this. Please send the crash dump and full log file to support@tacview.net
  10. Hi, yes that's no problem! Tacview will by default install itself in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Tacview\ and the beta in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Tacview (beta)\ . DCS should use the one which is installed most recently.
  11. Hi, there is no ETA currently. For the performance, keep in mind we will be optimizing as much as possible on our end, but there are issues on DCS World's end as well which are out of our control. https://tacview.fandom.com/wiki/FPS_Loss_While_Recording_Your_Flight_in_DCS_World
  12. Hi, You can do that from the command line: C:\Program Files (x86)\Tacview (beta)>Tacview64.exe --Quiet --Open:"C:\Downloads\compress-me.txt.acmi" --Save See all command line options by going to Help -> Command Line Options
  13. Right now it's hardcoded but we will work on making a way for users to choose their own colours for that type of thing. I will let you know!
  14. Hi, can you please share a dcs log of a flight during which you are having these issues?
  15. Hi, Dead ground units (buildings, tanks, trucks) will remain in place but the colour will change to grey. This is an ergonomics decision, to improve situational awareness during debriefing - the dead objects can act as landmarks. Is this what you are referring to? Hi, If you replay the TRK file in DCS World, Tacview will record an ACMI file for it. There is no faster way.
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