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  1. can confirm it's running better now, great patch! Good work ED!
  2. I have trackIR but I still don't get how he's rotating the view around the aircraft so slowly and smoothly Maybe I explained wrong but that's what I'm looking for. "pan" I think is the wrong word (sorry English is not my native language) . I'm looking for the "rotating the camera around a focus point" key. I can do it with the mouse in game but is super jerky and still way too fast compared to his videos A picture is worth a thousand words: red arrow in the picture above. That's what I meant Maybe @Wags himself could chime in and reveal his secret? :)
  3. Hi everyone! I am trying to reproduce the same panning effect that WAGS does on his training videos like the one he just released about the JSOW from minute 0 to 1:00 Any idea on which keyboard controls are doing this? I've tried the ones listed in the option menu but they all pan way too fast (even after slowing down the camera speed with its dedicate key) TIA
  4. As per title would be great to have the kneeboard folder function enabled to have map-dedicated charts like in Caucasus and PG Currently creating manually a ...Mods/Terrains/MarianaIslands/Kneeboard folder doesn't work in game. pretty please
  5. Awesome work!!! Thank you so much for this!!
  6. Hi First of all great job with this map, flew it few moments ago and it's awesome! I found this little object bug: Is located near "Olf Orote" airstrip I found this playing the quick mission "hot start" from the F/A-18 menu Thanks, Snakedoc
  7. I had it set to balanced, tested today with "high performance" but sadly it made no difference
  8. Yes it is obvious, the more units the more resources required... but what's odd (at least for my build) is that these micro stutters happen only on Syria map since 2.7.2. Raven 1 campaign on PG, The enemy within 3.0 on Caucasus, Maple flags training campaigns for the A-10 etc have all very demanding and detailed missions and hardware/resources requirements are high but I encounter no such issues there Anyway thanks for all the inputs people, hopefully further optimization of Syria map and DCS will happen in the future
  9. Looking at the individual cores and threads there are no indications that there might be a CPU bottleneck whenever the microstutters occur (from afterburner you can see some spikes in the individual cores and thread usage but none of them are pinned at 100%) picture below shows a screenshot just after a microstutter Sorry but I am not the designer of the mission and at the moment I cannot share it Tried removing any Razer software but the effects are the same, still microstutters now and again with the "usual" gpu usage dip It seems again that (in my opinion) this behaviour is caused by the number of AI/scripts/triggers in this specific mission as it is more demanding than a simpler "empty" flight where no micro-suttering are occuring
  10. I do use Riva statistics for my fps and other readings I tried with both Geforce experience enabled and disabled but the results are identical. Here's a screenshot of one of the microstutter moments, as you can see the GPU utilization dropped to 41%, CPU stayed at 16% and the ms response times are quite low. Anyway I did some more testing and I found out that the micro-stutters only happen during this custom mission which has quite a few triggers, scripts, AI units, static obj, audio files, etc... If I try the same with an empty mission, same spot on Incirlik none of this happens and the GPU utilization is pinned at 99% with a smooth simulation. I get the same good results with any other mission/instant action/etc with any other of my modules (i.e. no stutters, GPU utilization at 99%, etc) So my conclusion is that these stutters are directly related to this custom mission which is loaded with "stuff". Now, I don't know what exactly in this mission is causing stutters however Could be a trigger activation, an AI departing, a flag turning on but I have no idea unfortunately. I have recorded some videos of this particular flight as well as the other "normal" flights where no stuttering occurs... If it could be of any help let me know and I'll post it swapped the hornet with an FC3 F15C and same story (stutters only in this particular mission), other scenarios are fine
  11. I see thanks! I'll have a look at that column tomorrow when I'll be doing more testing thanks again!
  12. Thanks Hiob, However if it would be a cpu issue wouldn't it happen on every map and flight? I am experiencing this only on this specific area of Syria Map, nothing anywhere else. I played TEW 3.0 with the same latest OB and its butter smooth without any sort of stuttering. I did check my cpu activity as you suggested but I didn't see anything unusual, also with the nvidia overlay it always hovers around 15-17% during all flights (all cores %)
  13. Also, I tried disabling MSI Afterburner but the results are the same I have a feeling that with today's mini patch the stutters are reduced but still noticeable, but I have to do more testing
  14. thanks @Flappie! is this what you're lookign for? in this section the fps dropped from about 70 to below 60 and gpu utilization from 90% to <70% I took a video (this screenshot is from that), if it can help I can share it. The stutters are more of a micro-stutters but there are noticeable PS: I updated to and I had NVIDIA overlay on to capture the video but I don't think that it makes any effect on the stutter
  15. Hi everyone, I am experiencing since the last update ( some pretty bad stuttering when flying on certain parts of Syria map. This wasn't happening with 2.7.1. although I had the same fps "dips" but without any stuttering (link here - and link here) In particular I experience this issue when on the ground in Incirlik and flying in the near vicinity of the base. This is very evident on a custom mission I am running at the moment with some decent amount of static objs and AI units around. Funny thing is that before 2.7.2 there wasn't any stuttering (albeit with the same fps dips) I tried the following today to isolate the issue but with no success: - updated Nvidia drivers - updated Windows 10 - disabled Nvidia overlay - disabled/enabled full screen mode in DCS (used also ALT+enter) - reset all nvidia control panel settings to default - disabled windows dynamic wallpaper slideshow - using custom windows pagefile as suggested by @Flappie - disabling custom windows pagefile - reducing preload radius from 90000 to 81000 I am getting good fps (all settings on max except SSAA which is off) around 70-80 on the ground, 110+ in the air however what's concerning is the GPU utilization which spikes from 80-90 down to 60 and then back to 80. This is synchronized with the stutters and it's reflected on the fps which goes from 70-80, down to 50 and then immediately back up to 70. This happens on all views (F1, F2, etc) even with the jet stationary on the apron with engines off (using the F-18 in this particular mission). CPU utilization hovers around a steady 15-17% (all cores). Once flying at some altitudes in other parts of Syria - no issues. Other maps - no issues. My specs are in the signature. Any thought or solutions to get rid of this annoyance? I can attach logs or tracks, just need to know exactly what's needed. Thanks
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