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  1. yeah as always if you post something, you find the problem :) DONE
  2. Hey guys. i need some help. i im suck in JETT mode in the hud. how can i get out of it ? i am in Jett mode since i takeoff, i cant do anything. Greetz and thanks
  3. Hey Guys I have a problem,after the last update my TGP Symbol (the Diamond in the HUD ) is not moving if i am slewing the TGP... and if i finaly found a target ans Point track it it dont show me a TTD or range to the target. Maybe i do something wrong but it does not work as i did id before the last beta update. A/G mode, laser and MA on, make the TGP window SOI and TMS aft to center the TGP, switch in the SMS page from CCIP to CCRP now i can slew but the Diamond in the HUD is not moving and if i am marking a target its not displayes in the HUD. Am i doing something wrong ? Thx for the help and sorry english is not my native :thumbup:
  4. yeah i know. if you pick up a Bogey in the Hornet in the acm modes. you can hit the IFF button to be Sure. I was wondering if this is working in the F16
  5. will there be a way to IFF a guy i picked up with the Dogfight modes ?
  6. i dont care about them, but how hard is this to implement ? but very happy with IFF and Jettison. all we need for PvP servers Ty ED
  7. no effect go from OB to Stable and back to OB, Still grey and i cant download the module
  8. i go now to stable and back to OB , lets see update is now 779.8Mb...
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