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  1. Maybe, but again AIM-54 is a rarely used missile while vikhrs are commonly used, therefore their proper behavior is more important for realism... Oh please, knock it off already, or en least say something constructive , will ya? The bug is recognized by one of the main ED testers so my request is fulfilled. Fell free to check few last pages of this thread, especially GG Tharos's posting. You are giving your selves to much credits if you think that I'll report progres regarding thiss issue to you...:D
  2. I'm not sure...According to GG document 600m/s is max missile speed in flight while in game max speed is way of that scale. Also, 23s as presented in the vikhr commercial is significantly slower that 15s. Now , I dont think that producer of the vikhr missiles will degrade their own product in their commercial. Something is strange here and it would be nice IMO to present this issue to the developers. I'm also glad to hear that some testers are (GG) willing to investigate this issue further more... EDIT: If you could find that time to distance chart GG, that would be very helpful...
  3. Heh, as always, when is needed to degrade performance of Russian build weapons, GG is there! :D But this time , that's precisely what I was looking for, I must agree...:thumbup: Will you report this issue then?
  4. That could explain everything because it will take aprox 9s for vikhr to hit a target at 5.5 km range from stable hover which is mach 1.79 on average. However, official confirmation that speed precised in the manual isn't max would be nice...
  5. You two guys are so funny... You're actually asking from me to prove something which is clearly stated even in DCS manual by ED developers :huh:?! I guess you're not really accustomed to check that PDF from time to time and that's the reason for you spamming and raging in this thread. I encountered that so many times, people just don't like to read manuals, ... IF you two little fellows are OK with vikhr missile speeding up to almost mach 3 in the sim even if in the manual is clearly stated that speed should be mach 1.8 I really don't care. I don't have time or will for filling two leisured forum bots with knowledge nor do I want to pinpoint you to manual pages... Do your own research and actually learn something! First post of this thread is aimed toward competent people which will acknowledge or dismiss this bug report with the proper facts and maybe a bit more detailed explanation than it's given in DCS manual. Those people are certainly NOT you two! And, by the way , tnx for negative rep outlaw :thumbup: , it's actually my first one since I registered on ED forums...The time when you probably didn't even hear for FC and DCS series...
  6. Listen Dude... I don't want to discus anything, I'm just reporting a possible bug here which will probably be recognized by correct people and those are certainly not the people who do not know top speed of 9К121 Вихрь missile.
  7. Why? Don't you think that ED developers already have all necessary data to correct this issue?
  8. Are you suggesting that I have an obligation to provide speed and performance charts to ED team just to convince them that vikhr missiles are flying faster that it should be or I just need to convince you?
  9. Version As shown on the picture...IIRC, max speed of vikhr missile should be something like 600 m/s which is significantly less than what we get in the sim right now... Sry if this has been reported already...
  10. Unfortunately that wont work either...Older TS clients are not able to connect to servers anymore.
  11. Can anyone give me a link or addres for TS3 server where latest TARS can actually work?
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